Dr. Joe D’Alesio on How to Stop Cavities

written by CariFree

I got a kick out of this creative video sent in from Dr. Joe D’Alesio.  His dental office recently got their CariFree program up and running and he is excited to share his experience.  Dr. Joe D’Alesio backs up his honest explanation of caries with great scientific understanding and a little humor to get his […]

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Trick or treat!

written by CariFree

In case your local grocery store has failed to remind you with their overflowing candy displays, Halloween is almost here!  With the inevitable surge in sugar consumption upon us, I felt it fitting to devote this week’s blog to sugar.  But not sucrose, the likely sweetener in your favorite candy, I’m going to tell you […]

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Category: Bacteria, Caries, Xylitol

Would you kiss THIS mouth?

written by CariFree

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that given the opportunity, the majority of you would turn down a kiss from this eligible bachelor/bachelorette.  You don’t have to be a dental professional to see the rampant decay. This is obviously a very extreme case of dental caries (cavities).  Anyone can SEE […]

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