Real Talk: It’s an infection in your face!

written by CariFree

Welcome to a new blog segment we’re calling Real Talk.  These short dialogue anecdotes are meant to shed some light on real life dental scenarios.  Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? “Thanks for picking me up Beth.” “No problem Cassie. How are you feeling?” “Good actually, Dr. Acker said I should […]

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Patient Interview {Ashley S.}

written by CariFree

Hear why one patient said, “Thank you for helping me achieve better dental health and making me dread the dentist less!”   Q: What are/were the issues you and your doctor were targeting with your CariFree treatment? A: Ever since I was a kid they found cavities at every visit and most times they were […]

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What is your biofilm fingerprint?

written by CariFree

What comes to mind when you think of fingerprints?  A crime scene investigation, background checks, the latest iPhone?     Your fingerprints are uniquely you.  Nobody else has one quite like yours.  What if I told you the community of bacteria in your mouth or biofilm is as unique as your fingerprint?  It’s true!  Your […]

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Baby Kisses

written by CariFree

Most of you would have no problem turning down a kiss from the photo in “Would you kiss THIS mouth?“, but what about those sweet little kisses that nobody can resist.  I don’t have kids of my own and even I know that it is impossible to refuse a toothless chubby-cheeked baby kiss, drool and all. […]

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