It’s Resolution Time!

written by CariFree

                          Can you believe 2014 is just around the corner?  For an estimated 40% of Americans, that also means New Year’s resolutions are about to be made.  While working as a hygienist, I always enjoyed asking my patients about their New Year’s resolutions.  […]

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An Unlikely Request

written by CariFree

It started out like any other Wednesday.  One patient left and then it would be time for lunch.  I was running behind as often happens in a busy hygiene schedule.  Patients arrive late, exams run over, it was a constant battle against the clock. I glanced down at my next patient’s chart, Dr. Watson.  The […]

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Buzz Word: CAMBRA

written by CariFree

Drill and fill dentistry is a thing of the past.  Introducing CAMBRA, one of the latest buzz words in dentistry.  CAMBRA is an acronym that stands for Caries Management by Risk Assessment.  Caries is the medical name for cavities so therefore CAMBRA is a protocol used to individualize dental treatment recommendations based on your specific […]

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Life After Insurance

written by CariFree

Last Tuesday, my colleague Ashley and I volunteered at the Oregon Mission of Mercy (OMOM).  The Mission of Mercy is a free dental clinic that began in Virginia in 2000 and has spread throughout the US providing free dental care to those who otherwise are unable to receive treatment.  For more information on the Oregon […]

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