5 smile protection hacks for moms

written by CariFree

The other day I was sitting by an obviously over-tired mamma of 2. She had a familiar look in her eye, like she was “one-more-cheerio-on-the-floor “away from a mommy-melt-down.  I felt for her. So I offered to help collapse her stroller and hoist it into her car. She thanked me and said ‘well, that is […]

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Donna’s Story

written by CariFree

I received a very nice hand-written letter from Donna today.  Donna is one of our delightful CariFree patients who had previously called us to share her story.  Her story is another example of how the CTx product line is not only beneficial for patients with caries but those struggling with periodontal disease (gum disease) as […]

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We want to highlight your success story!

written by CariFree

Here at the CariFree headquarters in Albany, Oregon, we love hearing success stories from CariFree patients.  We receive phone calls daily saying “your products have changed my life” and “I had my first cavity free checkup in 20 years thanks to CariFree!” Have a story of your own?  Want to share your success story with […]

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