Gum disease was found where?!?

written by CariFree

New findings while researching the Otzi Iceman shows evidence he suffered from periodontal disease! Repost from: Non-Human DNA Discovered During Biopsy Of Ötzi The Iceman July 16, 2014 | by Janet Fang Read more HERE   Now, a team led by Frank Maixner of EURAC Research in Italy reanalyzed the metagenomic data of the Iceman’s genomic survey (pictured below). They found […]

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Donna’s Story

written by CariFree

I received a very nice hand-written letter from Donna today.  Donna is one of our delightful CariFree patients who had previously called us to share her story.  Her story is another example of how the CTx product line is not only beneficial for patients with caries but those struggling with periodontal disease (gum disease) as […]

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