Donna’s Story

written by CariFree

I received a very nice hand-written letter from Donna today.  Donna is one of our delightful CariFree patients who had previously called us to share her story.  Her story is another example of how the CTx product line is not only beneficial for patients with caries but those struggling with periodontal disease (gum disease) as […]

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Real Talk: What does it mean to watch?

written by CariFree

I got a phone call from my good friend, Cassie, the other day.  She had just returned from a dental appointment and had some questions… “During my exam, Dr. Swanson rattled off several numbers to watch.  I’m assuming the numbers were referring to my teeth, but what does it mean to watch them?” Cassie asked. […]

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How awful is your dental insurance?

written by CariFree

With so much talk about the future of our nation’s healthcare in the news, with new rules and deadlines and things to consider, it has sparked a great deal of controversy.  I even read an article the other day titled Why American dental insurance is so unspeakably awful. In the article, author Terrance Heath observes […]

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Have you been CariScreened? Part 3

written by CariFree

Parts 1 and 2 of Have you been CariScreened have been hypothetical situations.  In true “Kiss and Tell” fashion, in part 3 I am here to share my personal experience with the CariScreen test. As you all know, I am a dental hygienist.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene and worked as a […]

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Do you trust your dentist? Part 2

written by CariFree

Thank you Jean and Jim for your responses to last week’s question, “Do you trust your dentist?”  One of you said yes, and the other no.  You both had completely valid reasoning behind your responses! Hopefully many of you can relate to Jim who has found a great dentist, Dr. Hong.  His dentist has mastered […]

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Open Forum: Do you trust your dentist?

written by CariFree

While browsing online dental articles, I came across various forums with people asking others if they trust their dentist and how to spot potential red flags.  They were sharing stories of both positive and negative dental experiences.  It made me wonder, how much do we trust the opinions of medical professionals? If your dentist tells […]

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Her name was Finley

written by CariFree

By now perhaps you have heard her name.  Finley Boyle was an adorable 3-year-old Hawaiian girl whose toothache turned to tragedy last month.  Finley failed to regain consciousness after undergoing a dental procedure requiring general anesthesia.  The incident took place at Island Dentistry on Kailua, Hawaii.  Sadly, little Finley passed away on January 3rd after […]

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An Unlikely Request

written by CariFree

It started out like any other Wednesday.  One patient left and then it would be time for lunch.  I was running behind as often happens in a busy hygiene schedule.  Patients arrive late, exams run over, it was a constant battle against the clock. I glanced down at my next patient’s chart, Dr. Watson.  The […]

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Real Talk: It’s an infection in your face!

written by CariFree

Welcome to a new blog segment we’re calling Real Talk.  These short dialogue anecdotes are meant to shed some light on real life dental scenarios.  Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? “Thanks for picking me up Beth.” “No problem Cassie. How are you feeling?” “Good actually, Dr. Acker said I should […]

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