How to Eat Sugar and Not Get Cavities: 5 Tips

written by CariFree

  Believe it or not, sugar does not cause cavities. The belief that sugar exposure is the direct cause of tooth decay is one of the most widely held myths in dentistry. The truth is, sugar exposure only causes tooth decay when the mouth has an abundance of cavity causing bacteria that can process that […]

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Make money and prevent cavities? Sold!

written by CariFree

As Halloween approaches many dentist offices begin planning ways to help their patients avoid eating pounds and pounds of sugar.  Many provide educational materials, encourage handing out things like play doh instead of taffy and the like.  What you may not know is many dental teams take the time of year so seriously they are […]

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You are invited!

written by CariFree

Sugar Awareness Month at Advanced Dentistry by Design in Carson City, NV October 1 - November 1 Drs. Kelly, Clint Euse and Dr. Randy Wright along with the Advanced Dentistry by Design team want to be sure you are making smart choices for yourself and your children this Halloween season to prevent cavities. They would like to […]

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6 cavity myths busted

written by CariFree

  For years myths about the cause of cavities have been held on to as fact.  Today we set the record straight and give you the truth about decay. MYTH 1: Brushing and flossing are enough to fight decay. FACT: Brushing and flossing alone do not kill the bacteria that are the real cause of […]

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5 smile protection hacks for moms

written by CariFree

The other day I was sitting by an obviously over-tired mamma of 2. She had a familiar look in her eye, like she was “one-more-cheerio-on-the-floor “away from a mommy-melt-down.  I felt for her. So I offered to help collapse her stroller and hoist it into her car. She thanked me and said ‘well, that is […]

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