7 easy ways to beat dry mouth

written by CariFree

If you find your mouth feels dry and sticky during the day and night you may be one of the millions of sufferers of dry mouth. There are many causes of dry mouth, some controllable and some not. No matter the cause, lack of saliva diminishes your body’s natural ability to protect itself against cavities. […]

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Some good news today

written by CariFree

In June I was privileged to be part of a team of doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and students that traveled to the Dominican Republic to provide services for the refugee Haitian population.  Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Americas, with virtually no infrastructure or natural resources to support its population.   Many people […]

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Have you heard of vaping?

written by CariFree

Have you heard of vaping?  It is the e-cigarette equivalent to smoking and it is taking a firm hold in the US. Backed by the world’s biggest tobacco companies, the industry is aggressively expanding its marketing across the country. More than 14 million U.S. adults and nearly 2 million teens and tweens have used e-cigarettes, and the […]

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