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Dr. James Jesse
Colton, California

"Here is my patient who had 28 radiation treatments and 13 proton therapy treatments after being diagnosed with throat cancer. We made him some trays and gave him CariFree HA Nano Gel to wear in the trays at night, as well as the rinses. These are the after photos. No decay or burning. The patient's oncologist was so impressed that he is telling his patients about CariFree."

Why is this so impressive? Usually patients going through cancer therapy have reduced salivary function and have to watch their teeth dissolve before their eyes. Thanks for sharing Dr. Jesse!

Dr. Christine Skordeles
New York, New York

Case: Patient had anterior open bite and was advised to do Invisalign. He was referred to me for a second opinion by his brother whom is a patient. I referred the patient to my orthodontist, Dr. Mark Bronsky. I advised the patient at the time he must come in for a cleaning every 3 months minimum and maintain his oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment.

Profession: Professor and professional speaker. He speaks all day long. He began orthodontic treatment in late December 2006 with Dr. Bronsky.

In April 2007, I was the first female dental office in New York City to obtain the CariFree System. This patient had undergone initial Treatment Rinse and then Maintenance Rinse daily, along with the Boost Mouth Spray. He cannot go without the Boost, especially with his speaking engagements. His oral health has changed 360 degrees. His midtreatment photos in July 2008 for the minimially invasive treatment of placing composite over the incisal edge of his lower anterior teeth show the health of his gingival tissues even with orthodontics. The patient is absolutely thrilled with the changes in his appearance. He cannot believe his orthodontic treatment is almost complete.

The anterior composite allows him to speak and smile freely without the jagged edges. He was purposefully in open bite to show edges of composite with separated teeth. He cannot say enough about the products. I think his favorite is the Boost Mouth Spray.

November 21, 2006

July 29, 2008