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  • Scheduled to accomodate your busy practice's needs; CariFree CAMBRA Consultants are available Monday – Friday from 7:30 – 3:00 PST

The 30-minute CariFree CAMBRA Consult is a great way for your team to learn about the CariFree system and CariFree CTx products, as well as the principles of caries management by risk assessment. This includes understandings of biofilms and cariology, biometrics, and the latest and greatest in caries management protocols. 


“The one-on-one CAMBRA Consult was a really good introduction to CariFree. It is a pleasure to work with someone, like our CAMBRA Consultant Jen, who really knows their product, and the reasons behind the system.”

Dr. David Wasilewski, DMD


"I want to personally thank our CAMBRA Consultant for the time spent with our staff today. I know the doctor and the team were quite impressed with how streamlined you all have made this. We like that the CRA Form is only a one page form. Simplicity is key as you well know. It will fit perfectly with our philosphies. We look forward to working with CariFree in our practice."

Toni Van Horn, RDH,BS