In-office marketing

Don’t let that down time in the waiting room or the chair go to waste!

Here are some things you can do to share your new CariFree program with patients when they walk in the door.

Provide patients with your office vision statement including your commitment to their health, wellness, and smile satisfaction along with the information you want them to fill out in the waiting room. Let them know immediately why you do what you do!

Provide educational content in the waiting room including brochures, books, videos, and copies of press releases about your practice. See what type of support materials CariFree can provide here.

Make sure your team is all on the same page and communicating the office vision with patients. Have your team and their families use the CariFree products so they can speak from a place of personal experience. Discuss as a team how you will talk with your patients and even script it if necessary.

Talk about people, not products and their features or benefits. Sharing personal stories, “this is what I use,” or other patients’ success stories are how to you will connect on a wellness level with your patients. CariFree also has a booklet of patients’ success stories to help get you started.