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Content for practices announcing CariFree

Want to let your current patients know about your new service? Pick some of our prewritten content that fits your practice and get it out there. Here are a couple of examples.

Headline and title options

  1. Introducing a groundbreaking and FREE new cavity prevention service just for you!
  2. We are beating tooth decay in a brand- new way! The Carifree system is here!
  3. Fear the drill? Come in for your FREE, PAINLESS CariFree screening and increase your chances of avoiding the drill for life!
  4. Want to look good, feel good and be decay free? Then say yes to the test! Our new (painless) bacterial screening test can help your smile stay beautiful and healthy!
  5. Seeing the future; how our innovative bacterial screening device can predict your future for tooth decay.
  6. Dr. __________ and his/her team take a bold new approach to your health and wellness: Introducing the CarFree system, the best prevention has to offer
  7. (pH)enominal new pH focused cavity prevention program: CariFree works because it’s different
  8. You spoke we listened! Introducing a cavity prevention program that works: Hear what other patients have to say!

Text options

  1. Dr.__________ and team are excited to offer their patients a ground-breaking new cavity prevention program aiming to enhance your overall oral wellness. The CariFree Caries Risk Assessment is a top of the line cavity-management program designed to assess your individual risk for developing decay. Research shows patients that participate in the program can reduce their incidents of decay by up to 74%. This free assessment determines what specific behaviors or health concerns are contributing to your risk for decay (it is more than just brushing and flossing!) and includes a painless bacterial test to tell you if you have the type of bacteria present that leads to cavities. The assessment is painless but powerful, and will change the way you understand and manage your health! To schedule your next appointment and to take advantage of this new program, give us a call at XXX-XX-XXXX.
  2. Did you know that patients that suffer from tooth decay are more likely to suffer from things like dementia and heart disease? Decay happens when there is an imbalance of bad bacteria present in the mouth; it can be caused by things like diet, lack of saliva or your body’s natural selection for acid producing bacteria. When there is too much acid producing bacteria present you have what is known as the disease of Dental Caries. 
  3. Because we take your health seriously and are dedicated to your overall wellness, we are proud to introduce a state of the art bacterial test that can tell us if you have the bacteria present that leads to tooth decay. The CariFree CariScreen test is painless and quick and can provide information never before available. It is extremely important to regularly check bacterial levels in order to prevent infection and the damage it can cause. Please give us a call today to schedule your appointment and start down your path to wellness today!
  4. With decay rates skyrocketing Dr._________ and his/her team have had enough! They are proud to introduce to their patients a ground breaking cavity prevention program that blows the old ‘brush, floss, no sugar’ model out of the water. Dental Caries is a complex infection of the biofilm (invisible layer of bacteria on the teeth) and requires an individualized assessment to determine your risk for developing decay. If Dr.________ knows what is going on he/she can help you achieve your oral health goals. The process is quick, painless and provides powerful information to help us give you the best care and ensure your long term wellness. If you want to stay healthy for life and want a smile you are proud of, the CariFree Caries Risk Assessment is your answer! Give us a call to schedule your assessment at XXX-XX-XXXX
  5. The global toothpaste market is set to hit 15 billion dollars by 2015. If you are like most patients looking for the best the industry has to offer; but are overwhelmed by the options, then look no further. Dr. ___________ and his team have done the leg-work for you. A ground-breaking product line, developed by world renowned Caries Researcher and practicing dentist for 30 years Dr. Kim Kutch is now available in the office. The products are unlike any other on the market as they utilize all 5 key ingredients shown to manage tooth decay. Those components are:
    • pH Neutralization: Reduces growth and acid production of cariogenic bacteria (these are the bad guys that cause the actual mineral loss in the teeth) and supports healthy oral bacteria growth.
    • Antibacterial: Significantly reduces total bacteria levels when high levels are identified and need to be moderated.
    • Fluoride: Aids in remineralization (enamel reproduction) and inhibits acid production of cariogenic bacteria.
    • Xylitol: A 5 carbon sugar that reduces growth and acid production of cariogenic bacteria.
    • Nano HA (Ca PO4): Aids in remineralization with nano particles of hydroxyapatite.
  6. Come on in for your assessment and never feel overwhelmed in the toothpaste aisle again!

    Give us a call at XXX-XX-XXXX

  7. Hear what patients are saying about our new cavity management program!
    • My husband had cavities under his crowns and was prescribed [CariFree products] by his dentist. Since[then] he has been using this product he has had no cavities. Also, the level of bacteria decreased significantly! –Ines
    • I am a Sjogren’s sufferer and have severe dry mouth. This results in extreme dental problems, lots of decay and resulting pain and expense at the dentist to keep it under control. My dentist, Dr Gene McCormick, suggested I use the CariFree rinse and it has made a significant difference by slowing or eliminating the dry mouth impact.-Barbara
    • After getting 6 cavities during my pregnancy, my dentist started me on this program, and I haven't had even one cavity in the 5 years since. The citrus flavor is great--kind of like a creamsicle.  –Katie
    • My dentist recommended this product since I tend to get a lot of cavities under my crowns despite the fact that I brush and floss. I have been using this product once a day for over a year and so far I have not had any new cavities. I use it every morning along with the CTx3 gel.  - Nancy

    The CariFree system works because it is different. Give us a call and get your free assessment today!


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