Press releases

New CariFree customers are usually looking for steps to take to start marketing their new caries management approach to the public, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with a press release!

Choose one of the press releases below, send us your information, and we will submit it for you! 

Want to see some examples? Check out these press releases and their results!

Dr. Carson Kutsch- Click to open press release

  • Total Media Deliveries: 6,907
  • Total Impressions: 32,610
  • Total Reads: 500
  • Total News Pick-ups: 13
  • As a result of the press release, a local news station contacted Dr. Kutsch about coming to his practice. Here is a video of the news story!


Dr. Adam Kirkpatrick- Click to open press release

  • Total Media Deliveries: 6,247
  • Total Impressions: 52,255
  • Total Reads: 571
  • Total News Pick-ups: 19

Get started on a press release for your practice!

Let us know what press release you would like to submit, and then send the following information to

Please include all of the following:
  • Copy of Press Release (Oral BioTech reserves the right to make alterations for press release content rules)
  • Practice Name
  • Office Contact Name
  • Office Contact Email
  • Office Contact Phone Number
  • Quote from Doctor
  • Quote from RDH or RDA on ease of use and or patient response
  • 1 Paragraph Office Bio
  • Office Website URL
  • Name of Local Newspaper(s) (include contact information if possible)
  • Name of Local News Station(s) (include contact information if possible)
  • Twitter Handle
  • Facebook Page URL
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Google+ URL