The truth about ROI and CAMBRA

written by CariFree

  One of the most common concerns with implementing CAMBRA in private practice is the perceived lack of ROI.  CAMBRA is seen as time consuming in the appointment and most preventive dental practices that sell professional dental products earn less than 1% of their annual revenue from product sales. Today, Dr. Kim Kutsch shares his surprising discovery […]

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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

written by CariFree

I have received a lot of questions from colleagues and patients about Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) over the years.  I know there is a strong belief that SLS is not recommended for xerostomic patients, but in my opinion that is not supported by the literature. In fact, the only clinical study of SLS and xerostomia […]

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Patient Interview {Ashley S.}

written by CariFree

  Name: Ashley S. Dentist name:  Doctor that recommended CariFree (October 2012): Dr. Maureen Leake CariFree products used: CTx4 Treatment Rinse, CTx3 Rinse, CTx4 Gel 1100.  How long have you been using CariFree? Since October 2012.   Q: What are/were the issues you and your doctor were targeting with your CariFree treatment? A: Ever since […]

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