A Rightly Timed Pause

written by CariFree

  As CariFree approaches its 10 year anniversary, and as this is the week to share what we are thankful for, we want to take a “rightly timed pause” and share our gratitude to those who have been a part of this blog community. To the authors who have taken personal time to contribute their […]

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Thinking outside the (caries) box Part II

written by CariFree

We had the great privilege to sit down and discuss a groundbreaking Personalized Periodontal Medicine approach that is taken at Integrative Oral Medicine with Dr. Doug Thompson DDS and Veronica Wambach RDH.  If you missed our introduction last week, please see that HERE.    Q: Dr. Thompson, why did you decide to start using the […]

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Thinking outside the (caries) box

written by CariFree

Remember this patient? This patient went from having 4-7 mm pockets to the deepest being just a 4, with NO bleeding in 4 weeks! (see full story HERE) It turns out, there is a good number of practitioners who report: “…big inflammation subsidence and pocket depth decrease while just rinsing (with the CTx4 Treatment Rinse), […]

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Cast your vote

written by CariFree

Agree or disagree? Caries Management by Risk Assessment is a nice idea, but the reality is that most patients and practitioners would rather fill cavities than work to prevent them.

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