Are mid-level dental therapy providers good for CAMBRA?

written by CariFree

  A bit of a controversial topic in the news has been the approval of mid-level dental providers known as Dental Therapists.  According to one report: The new dental therapist position would be similar to how nurse practitioners work with physicians. The dental therapist would be able to do cleanings, fill cavities and perform other dental […]

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Free marketing? Yes please!

written by CariFree

Greetings readers!  We are excited to offer the community a space to announce events that are important to you.  Will you be talking about pH at an upcoming study club? Are you set to publish an article about your work in preventing decay?  Will your hygienist be giving a talk about healthy smiles at a […]

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Category: Education

My conversation with a ‘bad mom’

written by CariFree

 image credit The other day I was sitting by an obviously over-tired mamma of 2. She had a familiar look in her eye, like she was 2 minutes away from a mommy-melt-down.  I felt for her. So I offered to help collapse her stroller and hoist it into her car. She thanked me and said […]

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Congratulations Dr. V. Kim Kutsch!

written by CariFree

  Congratulations to Dr. V. Kim Kutsch for his appointment as the newest member of the Kois Scientific Advisors. Dr. Kutsch will be the Cariology Advisor which means he will “…be the caries expert for the Kois Tribe. [He] will help Dr. Kois by screening caries research every year, suggesting significant articles for the annual […]

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