Report from the 11th Annual CAMBRA Coalition Meeting

written by CariFree

  Dr. Kutsch attended the annual CAMBRA Coalition meeting held in Oakland California last week and has brought back an update on what the meeting entailed. The 11th meeting of the coalition was attended by educators, clinicians, representatives from third party payer systems and other dental industry representatives. The group of 50 attendees focused on interfacing […]

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It’s not your fault

written by CariFree

One of the real troubles is that dentists and dentistry as a group are very poorly trained and educated in behavior management. As a group we do not know how to approach behavior management or what has been shown to work and what has not. At least I feel that’s the case for myself. We […]

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Watch it

written by CariFree

  Last week we asked you HERE what you thought about ‘watching’ as a diagnosis.  If you missed it- go check out the expert opinions.  Today we hear from Dr. V. Kim Kutsch on the topic. Image via Silver Oak Casino When it can be THIS difficult to choose the right board game for an […]

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Bob Newhart’s Theory of Behavior Change

written by CariFree

  A few months ago, Dr. Bill Wathan brought up an important conundrum we as dental providers face: If the concept of preventive oral health has been around for thousands of years, and if it is common knowledge practicing good oral health is the right thing to do- why don’t more people do it? We speak with […]

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