Patient Success Story: Lauren W.

written by CariFree

Check out this encouraging message we received on Facebook from CariFree patient Lauren.   “Hi guys! So if you ever need a spokeswoman or a real story of success from CariFree, I am your poster child. It started in November with a failed crown (came out by the post) and somehow spiraled down a path of […]

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Patient Case: High risk with no decay present

written by CariFree

One of the more challenging patient cases we see is the patient with an elevated biofilm challenge with no current decay. On one hand, they are the ideal patient to begin treatment as decay has not yet set in, but all indications tell us it is on the horizon (the perfect preventive case!). On the […]

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From heartbreak to health: Hillery’s story

written by CariFree

  We received this letter from a grateful mama, and wanted to take the time to share her story.   By: Hillery Snyder Gendusa   In January 2013 my 4 year old son went to see his dentist for his check up. What I thought was going to be a routine check up actually changed […]

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When taking a risk pays off

written by CariFree

 We are taking a break from our protective factors series to share a letter we received this week. We hope you enjoy it and can find it encouraging! My patient is a 68 year old gentleman with the worst xerostomia our practice has ever encountered. He is on a laundry list of medications, including antidepressants […]

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My conversation with a ‘bad mom’

written by CariFree

 image credit The other day I was sitting by an obviously over-tired mamma of 2. She had a familiar look in her eye, like she was 2 minutes away from a mommy-melt-down.  I felt for her. So I offered to help collapse her stroller and hoist it into her car. She thanked me and said […]

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A letter from Rachel

written by CariFree

In June I was privileged to be part of a team of doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and students that traveled to the Dominican Republic to provide services for the refugee Haitian population.  Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Americas, with virtually no infrastructure or natural resources to support its population.   Many people […]

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Practice Safe Sips

written by CariFree

  Last week we asked you to weigh in on what it might look like if we all stopped talking to our patients about sugar. You can see the full post and comments HERE. We asked if perhaps we have been going about the conversation with patients the wrong way. Our profession is known for harping […]

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Share the good

written by CariFree

Today we want to do something a little different to start your day.  Too often we dwell on, think about and obsess over what isn’t working; what we need to fix or what we need to improve.  Today let’s all take a quick moment to share with each other a recent success.  It does not […]

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Episode 3: Ingrid and Pierre’s Journey

written by CariFree

Sisyphys (1548–49) by Titian, Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain In episode 1 of our series we learned how Ingrid and Pierre invested years of their lives and thousands and thousands of dollars working to improve Pierre’s oral health. In episode 2 we learned how passion and will are not enough to stop Pierre’s issues. At this point in their story Ingrid talks passionately about the […]

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Healthy mouth, happy mom

written by CariFree

Below is a note we received from a patient who started using the CariFree products.  What a joy it is to be able to help! Hi there! I love your products! My dentist Dr. Jin in San Ramon advised me to try CariFree because after having only 3 cavities my entire life I now have […]

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