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Strengthened my skills Review by Debbie Perry RDH
The book Balance is an amazing tool for any dental professional. Not only does it help me treat all patients interested in prevention, it gave you a mini course in dental histology and anatomy.
I now have a better understanding of how a tooth loses enamel, hence allowing me to easily explain to my patients;
The Risk Factor / Protective Factor Balancing Act.
This book has strengthened my skills for recommending the proper therapeutic agents.
It was easy to read. A great reference guide.
(Posted on 2/20/13)
Risk assessment is a good idea Review by Dr. Philip Hordiner
I practiced dentistry for approximately 50 years, retired now, but currently teaching part time at UOP.

The name of the book, Balance, says it all. Risk assessment in dentistry is a good idea. The later years of my practice were spent teaching primary prevention….preventing things before they even have a chance of happening. I was concerned about plaque control and periodontal disease.

For my high risk patients… I would counsel them on similar risk factors listed in Balance, and counsel to try and modify behavior change. I would look for the following: Did they have a tooth that is susceptible? High amounts of plaque? High diet of fermentable carbohydrates? It was my goal to make sure they understood what caused the decay, and what they could do to stop it. I would add fluoride to their regime and instruct them to break up the plaque once a day-safe for 24 hours, taught plaque control, ran a diet analysis, and discussed frequency of snaking & offer substitutes. Finally, I would keep records and check back with them. If they had cavities, I would NOT do the final repairs until they got their mouth healthy. I watched these people over a course of 20-30 years stay healthy and see success. That is why I love dentistry, it is so rewarding.
(Posted on 1/29/13)
Informative Review by Dr. Bill Weissman
BALANCE was enjoyable reading and it was informative. We appreciate Dr. Kim Kutsch’s efforts in improving oral care for all. (Posted on 11/26/12)
Elevates practices to the next level of patient care Review by Stephanie Pietrantonio Lodding, RDH
The Balance book is a wonderful guide to get hygienists started in CAMBRA. It will give direction, understanding and guidance to how to best take care of your patients. The book helps clinicians understand how to access who is at risk for oral disease what to do about it. It is a great reference to refresh a seasoned hygienist on her own CAMBRA plan, as well has put a team of hygienists working on the same plan or common goal. I think this book establishes a well thought out plan to get a dental team treating disease.
I would highly recommend this the book Balance for a whole team read. It will elevate practices to the next level of patient care and while raising the bottom line in a very difficult economy. Practices need to start treating signs and symptoms of disease instead of waiting for destruction and breakdown to occur. The Balance book will help clinicians do just that! (Posted on 11/13/12)
New insight into this complex problem Review by Dr. Scott Eidson, UNC School of Dentistry
Balance is a well written and extremely current explanation of how the disease we call Dental Caries affects our patient’s lives and how complex it is to control it. However, Balance uses the author’s thirty years of in-depth research and treating patients to present a real understanding for treating the disease with today’s timeliest scientific information. I have had the opportunity to share this book with both dental students and faculty at our dental school and all have come back stating how this book gave them a new insight into this complex problem we struggle to control for our patients. My thanks to the authors for writing a book that is valuable to both the patient and the practitioner and will be a useful resource to help all of us better understand and treat Dental Caries. (Posted on 11/12/12)
Well presented Review by Dr. Gary Hutton
I requested a copy of BALANCE as an opportunity to compare the text's offering with the CAMBRA program currently in use in my office. The material is well presented.

The one item which we do not utilize routinely is the ATP caries screening; otherwise I am pleased that our program is in line with the texts plan; re-enforcing our efforts as solid when creating our program two plus years ago. The organized and structured approach to caries and periodontal risk assessment has motivated our hygiene department; patients have become much more engaged in their care; and their compliance has contributed to their improved overall health, and better dentistry. It is much more enjoyable to be able to provide restorative care when the tissues are healthier. Hygienists and patients are also tickled that zero bleeding on probing is achievable as part of the program.

I also like the reasonable/cautionary approach advocated by the authors regarding the use of probiotics. I agree that correction of the pH dysfunction is a necessary precursor to their use. So many advocate probiotic use with out necessarily being founded in good science.
(Posted on 11/9/12)
Dental Hygiene educators should consider this book as part of the cariology curriculum Review by Debi Gerger, RDH, MPH
A fabulous guide for managing dental caries allowing all dental professional to ascertain their role in risk assessment and the associated patient care. Dental Hygiene educators should consider this book as part of the cariology curriculum as it provides science, therapy based on risk level, and patient case studies. (Posted on 11/9/12)
Thought we had a pretty good grasp of the whole picture...till we read "Balance" Review by Kurt S Black, DDS
Timberhill Dental has been practicing CAMBRA and dispensing CariFree product since its introduction to the profession and we thought we had a pretty good grasp of the whole picture...till we read "Balance". Wow, that book got the entire practice buzzing and has clearly outlined why and how to apply the CariFree line of chemotherapeutic treatment products. A recommended read if your practice is committed to this new standard of care. (Posted on 11/9/12)
Bravo for giving our profession a clear path to utilize with all our patients Review by Christine Taxin
Balance “A guide for managing dental caries for patients and practitioners” by V.Kim Kutsch, DMD and Robert J. Bowers has been able to give both professionals and patients a clear understanding of the many factors that affect both our oral cavity and systemic health. Why we must provide our children a way to get and stay healthy, and not lose the amount of time from school dealing with this epidemic. It clearly outlines the myths associated with decay and allows the patients to understand they need for professional treatment and increased homecare.
CAMBRA or Caries Management by Risk Assessment is where we need to start. This should start when children are very young, so the education is established. Once we can establish a risk assessment with our patients a collaboration of care will allow all patients to establish a healthy process. Each provider will make recommendations for the patient’s home care so that they can truly stay healthy.
This is a wonderful guide to use for education on all aspects of oral health and wellness. We should all take the assessments and use them to understand the two opposing caries balances and how the protective factors outweigh the risk factors. Then with proper understanding and appropriate home care thousands of people will no longer be counted in the epidemic that has spread through our country.
Bravo for giving our profession a clear path to utilize with all our patients, helping them understand that they do not have to suffer. Just knowing their lifestyle and the types of medical issues that surround them can help us help them. Understanding the “out of pocket” financial implications when our patients are considering treatment is the truth. The CDC has explained that over 85% of patients have decay and or periodontal has high risk factors will now understand that they will not get better without treatment and they and their provider need to co diagnosis and decided on treatment without a third person telling them it is not covered. Being covered or not should never make the decision on treatment.
As an adjunct professor at NYU Dental School, I will be recommending this book to all students. As a speaker around the country I will continue my personal quest to bring the home care information to the doctors and teams I meet. We should all take the wonderful information, the products that can help and continue our co-diagnosis with our patients and the medical community so the light of health can shine bright.
(Posted on 11/8/12)
Comprehensive Review by Nancy Cheung
"Balance - A guide for managing dental caries for patients and practitioners" is a book every dental professional should have. It's comprehensive and contains a wealth of information. The graphics, layout and organization of the book, patient examples are excellent. I will definitely be incorporating this book into one of my courses in the dental hygiene program. (Posted on 11/7/12)

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