Balance book

Balance Book


Dental decay (caries) is an epidemic. The disease is caused by an oral imbalance between risk factors for the disease and protective factors keeping patients healthy. Despite major advances in early decay detection, surgical repair technologies, and minimally invasive techniques, decay rates in many demographics continue to rise. For many patients, despite regular homecare, dental caries is a lifelong disease that progresses causing pain, financial distress, and eventual tooth loss. Balance is a guide for managing dental caries disease for patients and practitioners and answers the questions…

“Why do I keep getting cavities?” and “What can I do about it?”

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“Balance is a well written and extremely current explanation of how the disease we call Dental Caries affects our patient’s lives and how complex it is to control it. However, Balance uses the author’s thirty years of in-depth research and treating patients to present a real understanding for treating the disease with today’s timeliest scientific information. I have had the opportunity to share this book with both dental students and faculty at our dental school and all have come back stating how this book gave them a new insight into this complex problem we struggle to control for our patients. My thanks to the authors for writing a book that is valuable to both the patient and the practitioner and will be a useful resource to help all of us better understand and treat Dental Caries.”

Dr. Scott Eidson, UNC School of Dentistry


"The book, “Balance” was very well written. After reading this book I now have a very clear and in depth knowledge of how cavities begin and how each and every patient has different challenges with biofilm than others. I like the way different patients were explained in detail and the readers are shown how to decipher each patient and treat their individual needs. I have never heard of a CariScreen Meter before, and I think it is a wonderful way to find out the biofilm challenge of the patient and treat them accordingly."

Temple College Dental Hygiene Student


"As a first semester Dental Hygiene Program student at Temple College, reading Balance was an excellent learning experience. It served as a formal introduction to CAMBRA, exposing me to: caries and understanding the disease and prevention/reduction protocols as a process; identifying patients at risk; risk factors such as dental biofilm, xerostomia (as it relates to disrupting the buffer and remineralization processes), and unhealthy diet practices; prevention and reduction tools such as pH neutralization, fluoride, xylitol, and nanohydroxyapatite; categorizing patients’ caries risk level and selecting the appropriate treatment strategy based on the risk level determined by ATP testing and other assessment indicators."

Temple College Dental Hygiene Student