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CariScreen Caries Susceptibility Testing Meter

CariScreen Caries
Susceptibility Testing Meter

The CariScreen Caries Susceptibility Test is a simple 1-minute chair-side bacterial test for assessing caries risk. The patent-pending CariScreen uses ATP bioluminescence to identify oral bacterial load and has been proven to correlate with risk for decay.  


CRA Form and Caries Management Guide

CariFree dentists use the Caries Risk Assessment Form to help determine your risk level, and the Caries Management Guide to help make appropriate recommendations based on your risk.

 CariFree CTx Kits

CTx Kits with CTx4 Gel 5000

Pre-packaged kits for all risk levels.  Kits available from your dentist will include CTx4 Gel 5000, while the kits available online will include CTx4 Gel 1100.  

 CTx2 Varnish

CTx2 Varnish

A mixture of 5% sodium fluoride in a resin carrier, packaged in a convenient single-use dose for easy application.

 CTx4 Gel 5000

CTx4 Gel 5000

CTx4 Gel 5000 is a low abrasion tooth gel that combines the proven anti-caries benefits of 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride with bioavailable nano hydroxyapatite crystallites, xylitol, and CariFree's unique pH+ technology.  

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