Rachel F, RDH


During my dental hygiene education, 17 years ago, we were taught that cavities were caused by a high sugar diet and poor dental hygiene. With this in mind, I was shocked when my 3 year old daughter got cavities in all of her upper primary molars. What we know now is that dental caries is caused by a contagious bacterial infection. Some mouths are more prone to infection than others. Some mouths have a lower pH than others. Some people have deeper groves or weaker enamel, making them more prone to decay. The Carifree products are amazing. They taste great and raise the pH in the mouth, which will naturally kill the bacteria that causes decay. I am especially excited that the gel will soon be available with fluoride. This will strengthen the enamel as well as raise the pH, all in a great tasting flavor that my daughter loves! Well done!

Marsha H


After suffering from dry mouth and being diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, my dentist recommended using Carifree products. I have been using Carifree since and have had good dental check ups.

JoAnne G


I've been using the gel along with the rinse and have been getting great comments when the hygienist does my cleaning, which has also been painless!

Michael P


I have been using the gel and rinse for over a year now and the improvement is remarkable. It is almost a pleasure to visit my dentist now

Steve S


Coming from a series of other rinses. My DDS recommended this and it works so much better / feels fresher than anything else I have tried. I have been on this for multiple years.



We love Carifree and it’s what we do to help our patients end their decay difficulties. We’ve been treating a 65 years young male, a retired Boeing worker. His Caries history from 1992-2004 proved to be a long one, he had two to six new decay findings every six months.. Every Six Months! In 2004 we started him on Carifree (and he has not stopped or considered stopping since) and he continues using the Treatment Kit. Every three months he gets another. He states, “I will never stop unless you tell me to”. During the Carifree treatment from 2004 to 2012 he has only had two new decay findings in 8 years! Carifree has saved our patient thousands of dollars over the last 8 years.

Daniel H


My wife and I have been using CTX4 for a year. I was put off by the price, but I realized it's less expensive than having a dentist fill cavities.

Danielle V


The treatment rinse leaves my mouth so incredibily clean! When I use it before bed I literally still wake up in the morning with fresh breath. Granted, the treatment rinse is very strong (rather like minty pool chemicals), but you do get used to it.

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