Courses Required to Be A Dental Treatment Coordinator

How to become a Dental Treatment Coordinator

There are so many exciting areas in dentistry to work, and a dental treatment coordinator is at the center of them all. A Treatment Coordinator is the face of the clinic. They are the person who helps patients understand their treatment plan and puts it into action. They are with patients from the time the Dentist is planning options, to the time they are going over cost and insurance details. A Treatment coordinator needs to have a multifaceted skill set. There is no training formally required, however there are many on-line training programs available. To be a successful Treatment Coordinator, it requires a very specific set of skills and personality attributes. Being a team player is at the center of a Treatment Coordinator’s role.

Top Skills for a Dental Treatment Coordinator

Communication skills are the most important requirements of an effective coordinator. They need to translate the doctor’s treatment plan to the patient in a way that is clear and concise. They will need a calm and friendly disposition and preferably a background dentistry.  However, their ability to market a Dental Clinic is the primary importance. Their job will include attending the patient consultation and ensuring the patient is comfortable and understands the treatment recommended. Because of time restraints for the dentist and dental assistant, the treatment coordinator can spend time with the patient going over options.  This requires previous experience working in a dental office or dental knowledge. Keeping a patient’s records well documented and up to date is one part of the exceptional organizational skills needed.  Once the Doctor hands off the treatment plan, the Treatment Coordinators job is to resolve questions in order for the patient to accept the plan. Once accomplished, coordinating between the patient and the dentist’s office for upcoming appointments is the priority. In terms of payment, it also requires the coordinator to have an in-depth understanding of insurance and payment options. The cost of dental work can overwhelm and sometimes even be shocking for patients, so it’s important to be compassionate when going over the costs involved. With knowledge and kindness, a coordinator can ease the stress and explain all options with the patient. A Treatment Coordinator is a sales position and requires powerful people skills, and a desire to connect with people. They will need to be able to sell the ability of the Dentist and Clinic to gain the trust of the patient, that they are in compassionate hands.

What Online Courses are Available?

There are various coordinator certificate programs available online like this one at Front Office Rocks and Dental Training LTD. The American Dental Associates Association also has a program with a fantastic course overview here. They cover the skills needed for this high-profile career. Often, as dental assistants stay in their position for many years and gain large amounts of knowledge, they may step into a Treatment Coordinator position. It is also important to know when training that different dental clinics will have different needs. Coordinator Treatment programs place a large focus on patient communication, marketing, and finance. They also center on proper terminology necessary for understanding the dental field. On top of financial knowledge, there are also legal implications they need to comprehend. When meeting with patients, settling the financial needs when discussing insurance coverage should be crystal clear. To complete any plans, the coordinator needs to be reassuring that the treatment will be effective and cost efficient.

Next Steps

If reading the above has you excited about a role as a Treatment Coordinator, here are some next steps you can take! If interested in learning what clinics are looking for this article has some fantastic tips. If you are working in a dental office, discussing your goals with your employer may give you a sense of what their requirements would be. When looking online for courses make sure you find a program that not only works with your schedule needs, but fits with what your goals are and feels comfortable.  Dental Treatment Coordinators are one key to a healthy and successful Clinic, and a career that has a wonderful array of areas to keep you on your toes!




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