7 Ways Oral Care Products are Completely Underrated

Say the phrase “oral care product” and watch your listeners’ eyes glaze over. Talk to someone about a high-quality toothpaste, and you may even get a “Seriously, does it even matter? I just buy whatever’s on sale. I even saw a recipe for a totally organic homemade toothpaste on Pinterest.” So does the utter lack of enthusiasm for discussing the latest and greatest oral care products mean there’s nothing to talk about? Hardly. In a world full of internet hype about the newest #trending thing, oral care products are completely underrated, and here are the top 7 reasons why…


1. Less painful life

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple routine that you could do for two minutes, twice a day, that would make you have less pain? Great news! That‘s exactly what an oral care routine does. Regular proper care with regular dental checkups can keep your teeth and gums healthy, allowing you to avoid the pain of bleeding, infected gums and teeth. Your toothbrush and your floss, your tooth-cleaning gels, your rinses all become weapons in the fight against pain. Oral care products now or misery later? No brainer.

2. The beauty value

Ask anyone who’s had a front tooth chipped or knocked out to testify that your teeth are essential to your beautiful face. It doesn’t take a major face collision to rob your teeth of their strength and beauty. White spots on your teeth, or worse, brown spots on your teeth, staining, receding gums, and bleeding gums can all ruin your smile. Of course, the right oral care products can help prevent those problems. CTx fluoride tooth gel whitens and can remineralize white spots, preventing brown spots, using the latest in nano mineral technology.

3. Heart disease arrestor

Gum disease and heart disease are, more studies show, frequent partners. Keeping your gums healthy and periodontal disease free can help preserve your overall health. If your natural bacteria balance in your mouth is off, try CTx3 Rinse to help correct your biofilm back to healthy. Not only will it reduce your cavity risk, it might help reduce infections elsewhere in the body by denying bad bacteria a favorable growing environment.

4. Healthy baby builder

Expecting moms expect a prenatal vitamin to be an important part of the baby growing routine. But, how many think about a toothbrush as part of the toolkit for a healthy delivery? Surprisingly, studies have shown that gum disease is a significant risk factor for premature and low birth weight babies. Chewing gum to fend off nausea? Consider CTx2 Xylitol Gum for a tooth health boost. And, now is no time to slack off on brushing with a proper fluoride product, like CTx4 Gel 1100. Your baby will thank you.

5. Bad breath beater

Everyone wants to avoid the dreaded “dragon breath.” Oral care products are no brainer for helping minimize bad breath. Dry mouth can be a major contributing factor to bad breath, and it can be easily relieved with CTx2 Spray or Gum, whichever fits better into your lifestyle. Proper brushing and flossing will remove bad breath causing (and cavity-forming!) bacteria, improving your breath all day. Better living through oral care products is real!


6. More fun eating

You take a bite of your ice cream cake, and the jolt of sensitivity sucks all the fun out of the delicious dessert. Tooth sensitivity is a real problem, but it’s one that proper oral care product selection can help. People who have shopped for a sensitive tooth toothpaste know that there are plenty of products on the market with numbing agents in them to mask the problem. Better still, current-generation products are on the market that help remineralize teeth, like the CTx4 1100 Gel, closing off the nerves and providing meaningful relief to sensitivity through the repair of damaged enamel.


7. The cost-benefit analysis

At the end of the day, the cost-benefit analysis is all on the side of better oral care products. A solid home fluoride containing tooth cleanser, floss, a proper toothbrush, and a rinse if needed can save you a fortune in fillings, implants, crowns, dentures, bridges, and other invasive dental work.

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