CariFree Gives Back: Sacramento

Thank you CariFree for your generous donation of CTx3 fluoride mouth rinse, CTx2 xylitol gum and educational materials. Your donation was a great asset to our community outreach project, implemented as part of our Community Dental Health class in the Sacramento City College Dental Hygiene Program. For our project, we provided outreach to a group of expecting mothers in the midst of a “crisis pregnancy.” These women are part of pregnancy support group where they attend parenting classes in exchange for “Mommy Bucks” that can be exchanged for diapers, clothing, food and other necessary items to help them care for their babies. Our presentation focused on oral care for both the mothers and their children.



As part of our education about pregnancy and oral self-care we taught the women about the link between maternal oral health and the health of their babies, and we explained and demonstrated several strategies to help them care for themselves. We explained that using a sugar-free xylitol gum such as CariFree’s CTx2 spearmint gum and a fluoride mouth rinse such as CariFree’s CTx3 Rinse can help fight cavities, strengthen teeth, and keep the bacteria load and acidity level down in the mouth.

The presentation was a great success and all participants felt that they had learned several things about good oral health. All participants received special goodie bags filled with items that will help them care for themselves, plus many items to help them care for their babies. CariFree’s donation was a fantastic part of these goodie bags, and was greatly appreciated by all!

Thank you CariFree!


Kathleen Ford

Dental Hygiene student, Sacramento City College, Class of 2016

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