Customer Spotlight: Inside Scoop on Karmazin Dental’s Successful Cavity Prevention Program

Karmazin Dental

We are proud to have Karmazin Dental as one of our amazing CariFree offices. Today they are sharing more about their cavity prevention program. We hope it will inspire your office as you help patients become cavity-free!


What is your why? Why is a caries prevention program important to you and your team?

We believe in the product and have seen the difference it can make for our patients. We strive to provide the best care for our patients and their whole health, CariFree products are great to implement into a patient’s home care routine to obtain that optimal health. We offer fluoride therapy in our office in which we couple our in office fluoride varnish with six months of CTX3 maintenance rinse.


How do you explain caries prevention to a patient in a way that is easy for them to understand and implement into their daily life?

Cavity and inflammation-causing bacteria love acidity & we are constantly eating and drinking foods/beverages that are acidic throughout our day. Many rinses have the ability to wipe out that bacteria but most of them are highly acidic themselves. They’re killing the bacteria but they are creating an environment for it to come right back. CariFree rinses are pH neutral if not even a little bit basic. They’re killing the bad bacteria but are also creating an environment that is less favorable for it to be able to come back. It has fluoride in it which we know is a key ingredient to helping prevent cavities. Fluoride varnish is a great start but we know that over time, it slowly releases from the teeth. Think of the teeth like a sponge. The varnish is like getting a sponge wet & saturated with water. We often see patients every 6 months – if we were to put that sponge out on the counter, it would be dried out by the time we see them again. By using CTx3 Rinse, they’re able to keep the teeth strong and saturated until they return.

If you had to describe your program to someone who had never heard of CariFree before, what would you tell them?

CariFree is a product that cannot be found on store shelves and has many more benefits than the OTC products seeing better results for our patients. These benefits include but are not limited to xylitol, fluoride and pH technologies.

Do you have any tips on implementing the products that have helped it be the success it is today?

Our fluoride therapy has been a huge success since we started implementing that a few months ago. We believe in the product and want to provide the best for our patients, which means ensuring they are educated on products that will not only lower their risk for decay but also help with gingival inflammation. We apply in office fluoride varnish and then send patients home with 6 months worth of CTx3 Rinse.

What is the biggest challenge you face with your program?

Our biggest challenge we face is compliance and those who do not want any fluoride products to be used on them.

What do you do to overcome the challenge?

We inform the patient on what we know today and ensure they leave our office doors educated properly.

What has been your biggest team/office success with the program?

Continuously having to restock the products because they are flying off the shelf and having the ability to offer something different, something most offices don’t even know is on the market.

What has been your biggest patient success with the product?

We have been able to send the product home with patients and have them return for their next hygiene visit with less inflammation and bleeding present in their mouth.

Words of wisdom: If someone is on the fence about using CariFree, what would you tell them?

Do your research and make sure your team is well educated on WHY the product can be a huge benefit to all your patients. The product tastes great for the whole family.

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