Dr. Kutsch’s Simple Caries Risk Diagnostic Guidelines

When it comes to Caries Risk Assessment, many doctors complain of the complexity. While the disease is complex, after years and years of work, Dr. Kutsch has developed super-simple diagnostic guidelines:


LOW CARIES RISK CDT D0601 (Only green answers)

No Risk Factors / Healthy


MODERATE CARIES RISK   CDT D0602 (At least 1 yellow answer)

+ Risk Factors


HIGH CARIES RISK   CDT D0603 (At least 1 red answer)

+ Disease Indicators


Let’s look at a real example of diagnosing a patient.

This patient works the night shift and reported drinking a lot of energy drinks, her home care could be better, and she had a high bacterial count.


She has multiple red answers, therefore falls into the extreme risk category (DO603)



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