How do Real People Respond to CariFree?

We talk to a lot of dental professionals — a LOT. If they are new to our systems and products, one of the biggest hesitations they share is they don’t know how their patients will respond to the idea of CAMBRA. We thought we would take a moment to share some common concerns and some real patient experiences to help alleviate any doubt.


But what about patients on ‘watch’?

I have been suffering from frequent cavities over the last few years and this is the only relief I have found. Since starting the program I have had no new cavities, and my dentist says he has seen an improvement in areas of the teeth which were ‘watch areas’ with thin enamel before starting the program. Keep the products coming!

Andy, CariFree Patient

But it is a little more expensive, I don’t know if my patients will be willing to pay for it?

I have used the mint flavored rinse for a year now and have not had a new cavity since. It is a little expensive, but like I read somewhere, it is cheaper than paying for fillings.

Chris, CariFree Patient


But, I see a lot of kids… CariFree isn’t for them, is it?

Our dentist recommended this when our son got his first cavity. He began using it right away and I am happy to say that there have been no more cavities in the last year! He also tended to have smelly breath and this has really helped!

Anonymous, CariFree Patient


The bacterial test isn’t really helpful though, is it?

My dental office did a bacteria count test, and the results showed that my mouth contained a slightly high level of bacteria. My dentist suggested that I try the CariFree Maintenance Rinse (CTx3 Rinse) and gel toothpaste. A retest a few months later showed about a 50% drop in the bacteria count. I was impressed with the result and am continuing to use both these products.

Randall, CariFree Patient


My patients won’t understand the value or see real results.

I have spent $$$ at the dentist all my life. Two years ago my dentist recommended CariFree. I have been faithfully using the rinse/gel, and have had NO new cavities since using CariFree. My dentist is pleased, and I am thrilled! Plus, I actually like the rinse/gel, and it leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Mary, CariFree Patient


But my patient’s problems are much too serious.

My mom has Sjögren’s syndrome and this product is the only thing that we have found that works for her. She was using Biotene but it never worked and her teeth were just disappearing before our eyes. Her dentist has her using this and a CariFree rinse and gel program and her decay problems have almost stopped and she uses the spray all day. Thank you to whoever invented this. It makes me cry when I think about how long we looked for something that helped. She said she would like to hug whoever makes this.

JM, CariFree Patient


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