How Does CariFree Really Work Day to Day?

HagenCurious about what it is like to use CariFree in your office or visit a dentist who uses CariFree? Check out this implementation survey with Dr. Jesse Hagen from Hagen Dental in Cassleton, ND!


How long have you been using CariFree? Approximately 6 months.

How did you hear about the products? Through Dr. Carson Kutsch.

How do you select what patients to talk to about CariFree? We screen all new patients coming into our practice and any existing patients that have a history of usually having decay.

How do you determine which products you will recommend? I base it on the current oral health status and take the CariScreen number into account.

What feedback can you give us about the program? I have been thoroughly impressed with the results… as long as the patient is compliant and almost all have been, we have seen a significant improvement in the oral health. Incidentally, we have had had some great improvements in the periodontal condition with patients that have used the CTx4 Treatment Rinse.

What feedback have you received from patients about the program? Most are very happy with the product and how it makes their mouth feel. The only negative feedback has been from the fact that there is “bleach” in the product and a few people have been turned off by that.

What is your favorite product and why? The CTx4 Treatment Rinse has shown incredible results for our patients. I really like being able to offer a way to help our patients PREVENT decay, instead of “fixing” the decay after it has already happened.

Do you have any patient testimonials you would like to share? We have one patient that we have struggled with new caries and recurrent caries for several years. I have had trouble maintaining good isolation when restoring her teeth due to the amount of inflammation in her gum tissue. She is a very compliant patient and she has gotten frustrated with the decline in her oral condition. Her initial caries screening test resulted in a number of 2077. We started her on the CTx4 Treatment Rinse and rechecked her screening number 4 weeks later, the number was 574. The biggest change we noticed is that her gum tissue was pink and did not bleed! This is the first time we have ever seen her without gingival inflammation. She reported that her mouth is feeling much cleaner and was very impressed with the product. The patient did not buy a kit as she had purchased Prevident right before we started offering the CariFree products…we will be recommending the CTx4 Gel once she is finished with the Prevident.

What are the most important lessons you have learned since implementing CariFree? The most important aspect in the implementation is patient education…the more information you can arm the patient with so they come to the conclusion that this is right for them.

What does the future hold for your practice and CariFree? Introducing the product to a broader scope of our patient population.

What advice would you share with a practice considering CariFree? I was VERY concerned that this would be another “thing” that I bought that we would struggle to implement and ultimately would end up sitting on the shelf until the product expired… That absolutely has not happened. This product is in our patient’s best interest and it really does help.


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