How Oral Health is Making the World a Better Place

Oral health is not necessarily on everyone’s list of top 10 ways to improve the world. Yet, the CDC lists widespread fluoride use as one of the top 10 public health victories of the last 100 years. Oral health really does make the world a better place, and it’s worth celebrating some of the ways it does.


Longer Lives!

The more research we do, the stronger the correlation between good oral health and an increased lifespan. In fact, one interesting study found that having greater than 20 teeth over the age of 70 greatly improved the odds of living a longer life.


Healthier Babies!

Better oral health has contributed to healthier pregnancies. Untreated gum disease is strongly correlated with pregnancy complications like preeclampsia and preterm labor. Preterm babies generally have a lower birth weight and are more likely to suffer unfavorable outcomes. The good news is proper dental care during pregnancy can help avoid those issues. Better oral health in moms gives this babies a better chance at a healthy future.


Better Nutrition!

Oral health actually makes our food better. Without good oral health, adults would rarely if ever keep their natural teeth. Chewing and grinding are vital for eating a wide variety of healthy foods. Without natural teeth, the variety of foods that could be eaten would be radically reduced. Alternatively, food preparation would need to take up a much larger portion of everyone’s day to ensure foods did not require much chewing. Either way, nutrition would suffer. In fact, better chewing allowing better nutrition is widely believed to be part of how healthy teeth extend lifespans.


Happier, More Confident People!

Great oral health contributes to great smiles. Great smiles are foundational to projecting self confidence. Studies have found that improving the appearance of a smile particularly closing gaps between teeth and replacing lost teeth, leads to marked improvement in self esteem, self confidence, and overall happiness. By keeping your smile healthy and correcting any bothersome smile issues, a trip to the dentist can actually make you a happier, more confident person.


Better Overall Quality of Life!

It’s obvious to even the most casual observer that the mouth is part of the body. So, why do we pretend that oral health is not part of overall health? The bacteria associated with cavities are associated with heart disease as well. Blood sugar control problems in diabetics are tied to sugar overgrowth that feed cavity causing bacteria.

Even without a complicating chronic medical condition, the mouth is part of the body, and oral health is part of whole body health. Nothing puts a dent in overall feelings of wellness faster than a toothache. Oral health, when properly maintained, lets you feel better overall and keeps you in top shape.


Improvements in oral health care products can help you keep your mouth healthy at home between dental check-ins. Why not celebrate oral health with a CariFree Kit designed to help you preserve your good health. Cheers!

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