Make Money and Prevent Cavities? Sold!

As Halloween approaches many dentist offices begin planning ways to help their patients avoid eating pounds and pounds of sugar.  Many provide educational materials, encourage handing out things like play doh instead of taffy and the like.  What you may not know is many dental teams take the time of year so seriously they are willing to PAY YOU for your candy! That is right- they host something called a Halloween candy buy-back the days following trick-or-treating. Usually they request you bring in your loot and they will pay you cash per-pound. One dental office Dassani Dentistry of Houston, Texas is already marketing their buy back.  They are offering $1 and a free toothbrush for every pound of the sweet stuff.  How can you participate a candy buy back?  Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Call your dentist- Ask them if they will be hosting a buy back, if they have not planned on it, suggest the do!
  2. Check your local paper- Often offices will advertise their buy back in the newspaper
  3. Ask your friends- If you don’t have a regular dentist Halloween is the perfect time to find one. Ask your friends if their dentist is hosting a buy back and jump on board.  Often you do not have to be a regular patient to participate.
  4. Conduct your own buy back- If you can’t find a buy-back in your area, host your own.  Offer your kids money, toys or some other reward for giving up their treat bags- their dentist will thank you.
  5. And the mother of all resources to find a candy-buy back? HALLOWEEN CANDY BUY BACK This is the official program website. You can simply insert your zip code to find a local office. What is more, this program sends the candy collected to service members overseas, along with free toothbrushes and floss.

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