Moms, it’s time to take care of YOU! Your health impacts your child’s health.

As mothers it is far too easy to put everyone else’s needs above your own. Running on coffee and 2 hours of sleep makes it difficult to care about the things that may make a great impact not only on your own health and wellbeing, but on the health and wellbeing of you children. In a study conducted in 2016 they found that in addition to sugar intake, the oral health of the mother was a significant risk factor for weather or not their children suffered from early childhood caries (ECC).


“Children developing ECC have a diet characterized by high free sugars intake. Diet and, in particular, the consumption of drinks containing free sugars is the most important factor…There is a relationship between maternal and child’s oral health, with a DMFT higher in mothers of ECC subjects than in controls’ mothers.”1 


As moms it is so important to make time to maintain a healthy oral environment. Even if you have a hectic schedule, there are things you can do to make sure your oral health is in good shape, and thus your kids.

  1. Brush with tooth gel that contains Xylitol, fluoride, Nano Ha and has a neutral or elevated pH.
  2. If you are in a hurry to get the kids out the door and are eating breakfast as you go, make sure you have a stash of Xylitol gum in your purse to chew after you eat.
  3. If you sip on anything throughout the day, let it be plain tap water.
  4. Try to avoid cleaning your child’s pacifier with your own saliva.
  5. When you visit your dentist ask they to perform a Caries Risk Assessment with you. It will help you determine what your risk factors are for tooth decay and can provide great insight into how to prevent disease.

Start there. You can’t do it all, but you can do a few things to make sure you and your kids are on the path to good oral health.



1. Paglia L, Scaglioni S, Torchia V, De Cosmi V, Moretti M, et al. Familial and dietary risk factors in Early Childhood Caries. Eur J Paediatr Dent. 2016 Jun;17(2):93-9. 40 ECC 3-6 yro pairs, 40 CF pairs.

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