Optimal Dental Care in Less Than Optimal Times

In a very short period of time, health has moved to the front of everyone’s minds and has taken over the national conversation. Ironically, although health and healthcare are the center of the conversation, the need to focus on the current pandemic has made some forms of healthcare harder to access. In many places, dental offices have closed to all but emergency cases.

When considering the big picture, this makes a lot of sense. Dental offices use a great deal of personal protective equipment (PPE) when treating patients. With PPE in short supply nationwide, reducing the supply pressure by delaying routine dental care can help direct the equipment to the area of highest need, infectious disease treatment. Furthermore, dental professionals are at an extremely elevated risk from illnesses that spread from oral secretions. Dentists and hygienists work in the mouth and do so from inches, exposing them to the greatest amount of potential infection.

Unfortunately, the other side of delaying dental care, although it can help bring the current waves of respiratory illness under control, is that it can have real consequences for your oral health. Not only are we delaying routine checks and cleanings, being under stress and under a stay at home order can cause some habits that add extra pressure to your oral health. Being home and mere feet (or maybe even inches) away from the kitchen tends to lead to the double danger of mindless snacking and stress eating. Far from just risking a few extra calories, eating too frequently can disrupt the pH balance of your oral environment, leaving your mouth acidic and at higher risk of enamel loss and dental caries at a time when it is harder to treat those conditions.

According to the experts, it’s doubly important to vigilant about your oral homecare routine when you can’t pop into your dentist’s office to benefit from a professional cleaning. Proper cleaning technique makes a huge difference and is important. Still, if you’re wondering if you can do more to try and help your oral health, the answer may be yes. Choosing the very best products designed with the best scientific evidence to support your oral health can help give you peace of mind while working to maintain or improve your oral health at home.

At CariFree, we want to support you in your efforts to stay healthy. Our oral care kits are a convenient way to choose products that have been selected to work together to support your oral health. We have kits put together with a variety of oral health levels and needs in mind. If you are looking to get started with CariFree products, the CTx7 Kit provides a month of both gel and mouthwash, ready to sub in for your previous products so you can benefit from pH+ and nano technology. For mouths that are already healthy, you might consider the CTx12 Kit, a three month supply of high pH tooth cleansing gel that provides nano hydroxyapatite to keep teeth strong and healthy, or the CTx21 Kit that adds mouthwash as well. If your dentist recommends antibacterial therapy for your teeth and you have a history of dental caries (cavities) or if you’re fighting against gum disease, the CTx36 Kit can provide antibiotic therapy while providing the additional benefits of high pH levels and remineralizing ingredients.

During any time there’s a bug going around, it’s important to keep your toothbrush as germ-free as possible. In fact, dental professionals recommend replacing toothbrushes after you’ve been ill. CariFree is happy to help by offering you the option of adding a toothbrush to any order.

Obviously, we want to see everyone able to visit the dentist for routine care and maintain optimal oral health. In the meanwhile, we at CariFree would like to do all we can to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and your oral health in tip-top shape. If you have any questions, we’d like to help. Drop us a line so we can help.

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