Real Reasons Dental Teams Love CariFree!

Simple, effective and attractive to patients

“CariFree gives us the confidence to tell our patients that we offer the state-of-the-art in cavity prevention. The simplicity of the CariFree system gives our hygienists and team members the confidence they need to recommend it every time. We all know that CAMBRA works, but until CariFree there was not a simple, effective, and reproducible way to incorporate it into our practice. With our 3 practices seeing nearly 1000 new patients per month, our office needed a prevention protocol that was simple, effective, and attractive to our patients. CariFree provided just that.”

Dr. Eric Roman


Make a difference in the lives of patients

“As an office we have been excited to be able to offer more of a solution than just “brush and floss” to our patients with cavities. As we are all using the products ourselves we are finding it easy to make the recommendation to our patients. When you believe in a product the patient can tell, and doesn’t feel like we are just trying to sell them something. I am also excited to watch a new generation of patients be “caries free” their whole lives. Love your products, love the research and thought behind each one and am really glad to be an office that can make a difference in the lives of our patients. Thank you.”

Candace L. Krause, DMD


See awesome results

“We have been doing reassessments and seeing awesome results so far. Patients have been telling us they love the product and can’t live without it because it makes their mouth feel awesome and clean!”

Kim, Assistant, Dr. Heggerick

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