The 7 Funniest (Yet Accurate) Cavity Prevention YouTube Videos

The old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, a video is worth its weight in gold. For those occasions when you would rather hear about cavity prevention than read about cavity prevention, for the people in your life who are not yet skilled readers, or for those visual learners among you, here are 7 cavity prevention videos that combine great visuals with solid information:


Good information presented clearly—How to Prevent Cavities


Teeth Talk Girl gives a quick, 5 point run down of how to avoid cavities and have happy dental visits. Her high-energy style and enthusiasm is coupled with silly voices keep the information moving along with spirit.



Great for history buffs—What Causes Cavities


This TED-Ed talk looks at cavities from cavemen and shares what we can learn about cavity causes, treatment, and prevention from some early ancestors.



Geared to parents—How to Prevent Cavities in Kids


This low key video focuses on simple, concrete steps parents can take to help their kids avoid cavities and build good dental habits for life. It may not be a side splitter, but it’s pleasant tone and concise information make it an easy way to spend a minute and a half.



Top pick for kids— No more Nasties: Brushing for Kids

With a big budget, the Colgate company produced this video with a mix of an appealing child narrator and animated germs. It’s basic information, but presented in a fun way.



Top pick for preschoolers— Sesame Street: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me: Brushy Brush PSA


This video focuses more on brushing than cavity prevention in general, but that’s age appropriate for the preschool set. It features Elmo, who they likely already recognize and listen to. Watch for fun celeb cameos, including Bruno Mars and Nicole Kidman, in the mirror. The upbeat song is designed to be a tooth brushing time hit, helping young children brush longer and more successfully.



Quirky international flavor— Prevention of Dental Caries


This video, subtitled in Sanskrit, features quick cuts between several very different scenes. It feels a little less polished than some other videos, and that’s where it’s charm lies.




An Educational Approach to Cavity Prevention


Okay, so this video isn’t funny, but it’s a great short video about a major dental college (the Dental College of the University of Illinois at Chicago) teaching CAMBRA principles to the next generation of dentists and how active cavity prevention and management benefits patients.



CariFree products are built on CAMBRA principles, seeking to support you in your quest for optimal oral health.

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