You Don’t Have to DIY to Have Effective Remineralization

The more we understand about the oral pH and the tooth mineralization cycle, the better we understand that our oral care choices can make a huge positive difference in the strength of our teeth. When we look for information about remineralizing teeth, however, it it possible to get lost in the weeds. A simple google search returns tons of results on DIY remineralizing tooth concoctions you can prepare at home.


The simple fact is, you don’t have to mix your own powders and pastes to remineralize your teeth. If you can recognize the necessary parts of an effective mineralization product, you can choose your tooth cleaning products wisely from the many products available. CariFree products are specifically formulated to help remineralize teeth.


To add minerals back to your teeth, your products must contain:


#1- Minerals

Usually, the DIY recipes will call for some calcium powder. You may also find clay with calcium or diatomaceous earth in the recipes, both of which contain calcium. While it is possible to add minerals to the tooth surface with these elements, the nano hydroxyapatite in CariFree products is the mineral form of calcium that makes up your teeth. It’s easier for your teeth to use it, since it needs no further transformation to join the tooth enamel.


#2- Neutral or High pH

You’re likely to see baking soda in DIY remineralizing formulas, and for good reasons. Not only does baking soda provide scrubbing power, it raises the pH of the saliva, making it possible for the minerals to deposit on the tooth surface. A low pH, acidic mouth will just continue to dissolve the minerals out of the tooth enamel structure.

In fact, CariFree tooth gels contain baking soda to reap the benefits mentioned above. They contain additional ingredients to help correct the pH and additional gentle scrubbers, like hydrated silica, to clean without scratching and damaging the enamel surface. CariFree gels offer the benefits of the DIY recipes and more.


#3- Mineral Booster!

There’s a reason to include xylitol in oral care products, and it’s not just that it sweetens the mix. Studies have shown that xylitol actually helps strengthen teeth and improve oral health in sufficient amounts. Yes, it is naturally sweet, which is a bonus, but it’s not the primary reason to use it in oral care products.

Unfortunately, some DIY concoctions call for a sweetening agent like stevia that, while not harmful, will do absolutely nothing to help remineralize your tooth enamel. CariFree products contain clinically significant doses of xylitol to help keep teeth at their healthiest.



The desire to strengthen teeth with remineralizing oral care products is a worthy one. But, there’s no need to stress. CariFree oral care products help you remineralize teeth without resorting to DIY. The products are safe, carefully formulated, and readily available online or from your CAMBRA dentist.

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