Brenda Lopez, RDH

Brenda Lopez is a RDH and the Owner/Operator of Hygiene Ingenuity. Her business is paving a new pathway to provide Temp RDHs resources to establish a temping territory that provides them the freedom to work for themselves and create a powerful impact on patient education for
all patient demographics. Brenda believes Dental Hygiene is the bridge that connects Dental and Medical and is on a mission to improving patient’s oral health through thorough patient education. Brenda contracts with Dentists in an array of specialties from General, Cosmetic, Pediatric and Perio offices as well as Mobile Dental Practices that services nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Brenda has established a network of Dentists in the Cedar Park/Austin area. She assists in training staff, trending financial growth, developing healthy competitive bonus structures, and creating a work environment that scales growth financially and mentally. Hygiene Ingenuity is a collaboration between husband and wife. Brenda’s husband, Mario, has a strong background in business management, budget solutions, and lost prevention. Mario is the Owner/Operator of Lykan Performance and also has experience in the fields of Neuroscience, Physics, Robotics, and offers his access to Quantum Computer Software to bring customized solutions to the dental business structure.

Brenda is an avid volunteer at her daughter’s school, she and her husband enjoy teaching elementary students about thermodynamics, working with race car parts and doing presentations on dental hygiene education. In her spare time, she enjoys doing car projects with her husband, camping, fishing and hanging out with her family. Brenda’s next endeavors include attaining experience with public speaking and developing webinar presentations for continuing education courses.



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