Membership Benefits

Photo and bio on our website

Let us highlight your accolades and send traffic back to you.


Webinar Hosting

Co-host a webinar with Dr. Kutsch, monthly dates available.


Publishing Assistance

With our publishing connections, we can help to get your articles published.


Quarterly collaboration phone calls

Members meet quarterly to discuss important topics and collaborate on projects.

Speaker Packet Design

We can help create a professional promotional piece or packet or just give your current packet a refresh.


In-network speaker endorsement

Be a part of our Speaker’s Bureau and we’ll recommend you for events.



Utilize our email list for promotion.


Professional Development Scholarship

Increase your knowledge and expertise with a Co-op sponsored scholarship.

Content development/training

Work with authors and industry professionals.


Event Promotion

Add your event to our online calendar with links.


Samples, Giveaways, Door Prizes

We’ll provide you with product for your events.



Another platform to share your message.

Annual Retreat

Enjoy beautiful Oregon for a couple of days and receive top-notch education from industry experts. Spend time collaborating with Co-op members.


Ordering Discount

As a member, you receive special product pricing.


Online Training Platform

Learn from the best while staying up to date on current topics.  Quality education at your fingertips.



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