How to tell if you have dry mouth and what you can do about it

Saliva is our body’s best defenses against the formation of caries. Shockingly, dry mouth is a problem for 1 in 4 Americans! A variety of things can cause dry mouth, such as medications, age, medical issues, and more.


Why should I worry about dry mouth?

Saliva is important. It is your mouth’s natural defense system as it washes contaminants away from your teeth and helps return your mouth’s pH levels back to neutral after eating.

When you don’t have enough saliva, your teeth are exposed to a great deal of additional stresses. The cavity causing bacteria can proliferate, which can cause cavities and even bad breath. Dry mouth is a direct risk for your teeth!

CariFree elevated pH products attach the root of decay, while helping to moisten the mouth, and are proven to balance bacterial levels for a healthy oral environment. Our products are highly effective, safe to use everyday and—most importantly—have helped thousands who break the frustrating cycle and finally visit the dentist free of decay.


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What Customers Are Saying
“My CariFree spray is wonderful. I drink a lot of water -- my only good health habit -- but I have always been a mouth-breather because of severe allergies, so in spite of nose spray and antihistamines, my mouth is continually dry. My dentist gave me CariFree spray and it is awesome. Not only am I seeing less tooth decay, in between bottles/glasses of water, this spray takes good care of me. My grandchildren love it too!”
Marilyn K
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