Below is a list of 2019 events where you’ll find CariFree representatives and some of the speakers we work with! If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about an event, please email


August 8th: Omega Seminars – with Patti DiGangi

August 20-22: National CAMBRA Coalition

August 22: Vermont Dental Hygiene Association Meeting – with Patti DiGangi



September 19-21: Productive Dentist Academy

September 20-11: BaleDoneen Method Annual Reunion

September 22: North Dakota Dental Hygiene Association Meeting – with Patti DiGangi



October 4: Dental Hygiene Association of New York – with Patti DiGangi

October 6: Loma Linda CAMBRA Week – CariFree CEO Dr. V Kim Kutsch speaking

October 6: Mid-Hudson Dental Hygiene Association Meeting – with Patti DiGangi

October 17-20: AAOSH 2019 Scientific Session – CariFree CEO Dr. V Kim Kutsch speaking



November 14-16: Kois Center Advanced Treatment Planning

November 15-16: Wellness Dentistry Network Rally – with Dr. Doug Thompson


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