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Returns are accepted within 90 days of purchase. Items purchased more than 90 days ago are not eligible for return.

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Please contact us here or at 800.503.0625 right away for a replacement.


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We are able to provide shipping quotes for international orders. Click here get more information or see where CariFree is available internationally.

Why are items from the same order sometimes shipped separately?

Due to weather and special packaging, some CariFree items may be shipped separately with an expedited shipping method, particularly our CariScreen Testing Swabs used in dental offices.


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Discounts for individual items are available periodically and sent via email.
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CariFree Products & Usage Instructions

How is PRO Gel 5000 different than other prescription-strength fluoride toothpastes?

Superior remineralization is the main component that sets this product apart from other toothpaste. It contains nano particles of hydroxyapatite, which is one of the most bio available forms of calcium and phosphate for remineralization. It has an elevated pH of 9 which promotes the growth of non-cariogenic bacteria. It contains xylitol, which is a natural sweetener, increases saliva flow and reduces growth of cavity- causing bacteria. It has prescription strength (1.1%) fluoride to remineralize enamel. Lastly, it is a gel so it is low abrasion and will not damage the enamel.

How is Maintenance Rinse different than other fluoride rinses?

Our Maintenance Rinse has an elevated pH and contains fluoride and xylitol. The elevated pH is the main component that sets it apart. This continues to encourage a neutral environment in the mouth which supports the healthy bacteria.

How is Treatment Rinse different than other germ-killing rinses?

We use sodium hypochlorite as the germ-killing agent in our rinse because it is broad-spectrum and targets all bacteria as opposed to other rinses that are ineffective towards many species. Treatment Rinse also contains fluoride, xylitol and has an elevated pH which promotes healthy bacteria to repopulate and thrive.

Why can’t you make the Treatment Rinse taste better?

Since the Treatment Rinse has sodium hypochlorite as the germ-killing agent, it is difficult to cover up with flavoring- we’ve tried! We recommend being honest with whoever is using the rinse; there are so many benefits to this product that makes it worth being compliant with the recommended use.

Will your products cause teeth staining?

No. All CariFree products are free of dye and will not stain teeth.

The Treatment Rinse contains a strong oxidizing agent that can make teeth more susceptible to surface stains caused by what someone eats or drinks after they rinse. We recommend avoiding eating or drinking anything that would stain a white t-shirt (coffee, tea, wine, etc) for at least an hour after rinsing. If staining occurs, it is removable.

Are CariFree products safe for women who are pregnant or nursing?

The products are considered safe-for-use with pregnant and nursing mothers. If there is any concern, please consult with your medical doctor.

What is the shelf-life of the CariFree products?

Our products have an 18-month shelf life.

Why am I instructed to rinse then brush?

The CariFree gels contain a remineralizing agent called nano hydroxyapatite. To receive maximum absorption into the teeth, it is important to not rinse, eat or drink for at least 30 minutes after brushing.

What age group are your products recommended for?

Most of our products are recommended for ages 6+. Our Fluoride Free Gel and Spray may be used by any age group and our Gel 1100 is safe for ages 2+.

Do you have any research on the efficacy of your products?

We have peer-reviewed scientific evidence for all the ingredients in our products. Click here to view the different research.

How long will the pH in my mouth stay neutral after using your products?

We don’t have a way of tracking this due to the many variables that exist. Each individual’s saliva has different buffering properties that impacts this, as well as what they eat or drink afterwards. The most important thing to focus on when thinking about pH is frequency.

How long should I wait to eat or drink after I use your products?

We recommend avoiding eating or drinking for at least one hour after use. This allows for the maximum efficacy of the protective ingredients in the products to work.

How long should I use the products?

The average treatment cycle for a high risk patient is 3-6 months, but we recommend using some combination of CariFree products indefinitely.

What is the benefit to risk assessment?

Completing a risk assessment answers the question “why”. Cavities may be visible, however we don’t always know why we are experiencing them. This also helps your dentist make more informed recommendations for treatment and long-term maintenance programs. If you do not visit a CariFree dentist that offers risk assessment, you can find one here.

My dentist recommended your Treatment Rinse to treat my periodontal disease, but I don’t see anything on your site about this.

Many of our providers use Treatment Rinse for treating perio. We do not currently have any research studies to confirm the results they’re seeing; you can learn more about using the Treatment Rinse for perio and irrigation here. Click here to see how Dr. Doug Thompson uses it in his perio practice, or listen to his webinar here.

My dentist wants to use your CariScreen Meter to test my risk; what is that?

Our CariScreen meter measures levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) on the biofilm of the tooth. ATP is the energy molecule all living cells use. Why do we care about the ATP of the biofilm? Because cariogenic bacteria use about 100 times more ATP than non-acid producing strains of bacteria do. When a sample of biofilm is taken from the tooth and mixed with the enzyme and protein contained within the swab, it produces a light reaction. This light reaction is not visible to the naked eye but can be read by a sensitive light meter contained within the CariScreen Meter. The number given correlates to the amount of acid producing bacteria present in the biofilm. The more cariogenic bacteria present, the higher the number. You can learn more here.

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