How can I prevent my child from getting cavities?

You might already know that cavities are caused by a bacterial imbalance in your child’s mouth. But did you know that the infection that causes cavities (dental caries) is only second to the common cold in terms of prevalence in children? Unlike a cold, however, tooth decay doesn’t fade away after rest and plenty of fluids; it only gets worse. The pain from untreated caries can make it difficult to eat, sleep, and even pay attention in school.

We’re here to help you take preventative measures today!

CariFree pH elevated products change the chemical balance of your child’s mouth and are scientifically proven to prevent cavities through remineralization. Safe to use every day, our non-abrasive products are highly effective, attack the root of tooth decay, and come in flavors that kids love!


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What Patients Are Saying
“My child has been using the gel for over a year now and has had amazing results, so I decided to try it as well a few months ago. It took a few weeks to get used to the texture of the gel, but I got used to it & like the mint flavor (I am also glad they have a grape flavor for my kids). I'm looking forward to great results as well!”
Stephanie S
Fluoride Free Gel | Tooth Gel with Nano Hydroxyapatite

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