PRO | CTx12 Kit

A 3-month supply of our CTx4 Gel 5000, with bio-available nano hydroxyapatite crystallites, xylitol, and CariFree’s unique, patented pH+ technology. 3 kits per case.

Due to the nature of these kits, an additional 1-3 days processing and handling time may be needed before shipping.

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Use the links to learn more about the products in this kit and view the kit instructional insert.


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What Dentists Are Saying
“Of all the CariFree products, the CTx4 Gel 5000 is the most accepted by my patients. Most patients return to purchase more for continued use, which is to their benefit due to the excellent mix of ingredients. ”
Dr. John Anoskey from Indiana
PRO | CTx12 Kit
PRO | CTx12 Kit PRO | CTx4 Gel 5000 1.1%
Supply 3 month 1 month
Fluoride for remineralization checkmark checkmark
Nano HA for remineralization checkmark checkmark
Patented pH+ technology checkmark checkmark
Xylitol checkmark checkmark
Flavors Mint, Citrus Mint, Citrus

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