PRO | CTx36 Kit

3-month supply of products designed to treat extreme risk patients. 3 kits per case.

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What Dentists Are Saying
“I think that the CariFree rinses are the best acid reducing rinses that I have seen. I like that the CTx4 Treatment Rinse has the additional benefits of fluoride and xylitol that you can't get in most over the counter products. Thanks for producing these products. ”
Dr. Quinn Schiffman from Utah
PRO | CTx36 Kit
PRO | CTx36 Kit PRO | CTx26 Kit
Supply 3 months 3 months
Patient risk Extreme Risk High Risk
Reduces the oral bacterial bio-burden (antibacterial)
Fluoride for remineralization
HA Nano for remineralization
Patented pH+ technology
Flavors Mint, Citrus/Apple Mint, Citrus/Apple

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