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Caries Risk Management™ and P4 Dentistry™ continue the research and development that allows dental professionals to improve their patient care. Patients participate in their own dental healthcare, finding the source of the problem rather than treating symptoms as they flare up. CariFree® created a CRA form to evaluate every patient’s risk factors and allow dental professionals to focus on addressing these factors, thereby interrupting the disease process before caries develop and threaten oral health. By spending time examining risk factors in categories like diet, genetics, pH balance issues, biofilm concerns, and proper salivary flow, cavities can be prevented instead of just treated after they emerge.

Please download the forms you would like and print as needed. At this time, printed packs of the forms are not available for order from CariFree.


CRA Form and Product Recommendation Guide 6+, CariScreen Meter – ENGLISH  |  SPANISH

CRA Form and Product Recommendation Guide 6+ – ENGLISH  |  SPANISH


CRA Form and Product Recommendation Guide 0-5, CariScreen Meter – ENGLISH  |  SPANISH

CRA Form and Product Recommendation Guide 0-5 – ENGLISH   |  SPANISH


Updated November 15, 2022
You’ll notice there are a few different versions of the form to fit your type of practice.  If you have questions about which form is best for your practice, or if you’d like to schedule a webinar to go over the updated forms, please call us at 866.928.4445.

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