The Top 4 Reasons Not to Ignore Dry Tongue

A dry tongue is an uncomfortable condition. Nearly everyone has experienced the discomfort of a dry tongue once in a while. Whether it happened from post-exercise dehydration or a sleepy mouth-breathing dry out, we’ve felt the discomfort of dry tongue.


But, what if a dry tongue is not a rare inconvenience? What if it’s a regular occurrence for you? Can you safely ignore a dry tongue?

You probably shouldn’t ignore a frequently dry tongue. Several problems chronic dry tongue can signal are a great deal easier to treat early than if they are allowed to grow unchecked.


#1- Infections

Have you ever noticed a white fuzz growing on the back of a dry tongue? That can be an indication of a type of fungal infection called candidiasis. Do your gums bleed easily and are red and puffy looking? These can be signs of bacterial infection. So how does a dry tongue link to infection?

Saliva is the mouth’s natural protection against infection. When there isn’t enough saliva to wash the tongue and keep your mouth the correct pH level to control, pathogens can overgrow. Suddenly, a dry tongue has blossomed into an infection that may require further treatment. Periodontal disease is nothing to ignore.

CTx4 Treatment Rinse can help restore a healthy balance in your mouth. If you are concerned about signs of oral infection, visit your dentist to see what solutions might help you recover good health.


#2- Underlying Conditions

Sometimes, a dry tongue is just a dry tongue. Sometimes, it might indicate an underlying condition that deserves more attention. Autoimmune conditions like Sjogren’s syndrome, chronic medical conditions like diabetes, and even injuries to the nerves of the head and neck can cause reduced saliva production, thus dry tongue. If you are experiencing new or bothersome symptoms, check in with your doctor or dentist to make sure your overall health is still in top shape.


#3- Cavities

Dry mouth and dry tongue are associated with cavities for the same reason that other infections are more common with dry tongue. Without sufficient saliva to coat the teeth, cavity causing bacteria can grow unchecked, leading to more problems. It’s a great deal less bothersome and less costly to treat dry mouth than to treat a large number of cavities.

Chewing CTx2 Xylitol Gum may help keep your dry mouth and tongue more comfortable and hydrated. The xylitol also has been shown to aid in cavity prevention. It may be a good choice to stop the discomfort of dry tongue.


#4- Malnutrition

A dry tongue can make eating a miserable experience. Not having enough saliva to aid digestion can severely limit food choices. It can make the act of chewing and swallowing so difficult that some foods, including some very healthy foods, are no longer a realistic food choice. Over the course of a week, that may not matter very much. Over longer periods of time, however, limited food choices can lead to nutrient deficits-malnutrition.

Don’t let a dry tongue dictate your palate. CTx2 Spray is a convenient way to rehydrate.

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