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Based on your answers, it looks like you’re currently moderate risk for new cavities. No matter the risk, there is a CariFree product made for you! Here are some recommendations for you that can help lower the risk of future decay, along with regular visits to your dentist. If you are looking for a CariFree dentist in your area to help assess your risk, use our Find a Dentist search!

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Start with the CTx21 Kit

A 3-month supply of products designed to treat moderate risk patients. $69.00.

Included in kit

  • 3 bottles CTx3 Rinse
  • 3 tubes CTx4 Gel 1100
  • CTx21 Kit Instruction Insert

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Experiencing Dry Mouth?

Add in our CTx2 Spray or Xylitol Gum

CTx2 Spray

Freshens breath and increases oral pH with CariFree’s patented pH+ technology

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CTx2 Xylitol Gum

Regular use of xylitol-rich products can reduce your risk of decay

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