Meet Our Members

Dr. V Kim Kutsch, DMD

Dr. V Kim Kutsch DMD is a retired dentist of 40 years. He is a prolific writer, thought leader, inventor, and researcher in the field of dental caries and minimally invasive dentistry. Dr. Kutsch is the CEO and founder of Dental Alliance Holdings LLC, manufacturers of the CariFree system and is a Scientific Advisor of Dental Caries at the prestigious Kois Center.


Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS

Patti believes dentistry is no longer just about fixing teeth; dentistry is oral medicine AND its time we got around to truly practicing it. Patti’s specialty is coding-medically necessary coding. Her efforts have assisted thousands of professionals to code more accurately and efficiently.


Kathryn Gilliam, BA, RDH, FAAOSH

Kathryn Gilliam is a proponent of incorporating the latest scientific research on the multiple oral-systemic links into practical clinical protocols. Kathryn’s interest in the medical side of dentistry led her to years of advanced study into the oral-systemic links, including twice graduating with an advanced arterial wellness certification from the prestigious Bale Doneen Preceptorship for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention for Healthcare Practitioners.


Machell Hudson, RDH

Machell Hudson, RDH, is an expert on the oral-systemic connection and protocol implementation. She is a graduate of the BaleDoneen preceptorship, where she earned advanced training in heart attack, stroke and diabetes prevention. Machell is a full-time hygienist with Dr. Bruce Baird at Granbury Dental Center and is on faculty & consults with clients through Productive Dentist Academy.


Brenda Lopez, RDH

Brenda Lopez is an RDH and the Owner/Operator of Hygiene Ingenuity. She has created a network amongst local Dentists and assists in training staff, trending financial growth, developing healthy competitive bonus structures, and creating a work environment that scales growth financially and mentally.


Susan Maples, DDS, MSBA

Dr. Susan Maples is an international speaker in the area of total health, the oral health and systemic health connection, and the diabetes epidemic in America. She also speaks in the areas of leadership, team-building, advanced case planning and acceptance, relationship-based target marketing, and growing healthy kids in your dental practice.


Kandra Sellers, RDH, BA

Kandra Sellers is the creator of Pristine Interprofessional Academy, with its focus on interprofessional collaboration between dental and medical professionals to not only increase the quality of patients’ lives, but to save lives. Kandra has become well known and widely respected as an industry-leading speaker, educator and coach in the field of oral systemic linking medical billing.


Christine Taxin

Prior to starting her own management consulting company, Christine worked for a large New York City hospital as administrator of a critical department, managed an extensive practice and worked with Coaching Solutions and Dynamic Administrators consulting companies. She has trained in management at LVI. She has been awarded “Leader in Consulting” for the past four years in Dentistry Today.


Douglas G Thompson, DDS

Dr. Thompson believes in an interdisciplinary treatment model that coordinates dental care with other medical practitioners for total body health care for his patients. He employs advanced DNA bacterial testing methods and other leading-edge dental science to enable early risk assessment and personalized treatment planning. Among other topics, he coaches risk assessment treatment planning, digital photography, and systems to transform traditional hygiene services into value-added experiences of personalized periodontal medicine.


Douglas A Young DDS, EdD, MS, MBA

Dr. Young is a Professor Emeritus at the University of the Pacific where he is an active and ardent educator in the field of minimally invasive dentistry and cariology. He currently works for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium as a specialist in oral health promotion. He was one of the founders of the CAMBRA (Caries Management By Risk Assessment) Coalition, American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Cariology Section, and the American Academy of Cariology (AAC).


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