Kandra Sellers, RDH

Kandra Sellers RDH, BA, is the creator of Pristine Interprofessional Academy, with its focus on interprofessional collaboration between dental and medical professionals to not only increase the quality of patients’ lives, but to save lives. Early in her dental career, Kandra had the opportunity to be mentored by specialists that drove her passion to the oral systemic connection. It was through the work with the Academy that Kandra saw the opportunities with dental medical billing. Dentists are typically thought of as working on teeth. The reality is dentists are medical specialists in everything associated with the head and neck and how it relates to the overall impact on inflammation and disease. It only made sense to Kandra that there were vast possibilities to help practices, and ultimately patients, increase profitability and case acceptance through medical reimbursements for medically necessary treatment. Since making this connection, Kandra has become well known and widely respected as an industry-leading speaker, educator and coach in the field of oral systemic linking medical billing.





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