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The oral health habits many of us learned from a young age can actually lead to a range of dental concerns. That’s why it’s important to understand how to take care of your mouth in a smarter, simpler way. While brushing and flossing can reduce bacteria, neither alters the current acidic bacterial balance in your mouth. CariFree pH elevated products change the chemical balance of your mouth and are scientifically proven to prevent cavities.

What Dentists Are Saying
“For years I have had patients ask why they always get cavities. Even though they do everything recommended with their home care, regular visits and diet, they would still have decay. Now there is a concrete technique to determine if patients are at risk for decay and products that will help them prevent future decay.”
Dr. Randell Bell

Goodbye Cavities, Hello CariFree.

Safe to use every day, our non-abrasive products are highly effective and scientifically proven to prevent cavities through remineralization. Our cavity prevention blueprint includes:

  • Antibacterial & Acidity Reduction
  • pH Neutralization
  • Fluoride for Remineralization
  • Enamel Building Technology

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Scientifically Proven

CariFree elevated pH products neutralize decay-causing acids and fix your decay problem at its source. Learn more about how our product technology improves oral health and prevents decay.

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