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Partnering with your dentist to treat people better.

Dental caries (tooth decay) is an epidemic, and it is increasing in all age groups. We are proud to be doing something about it. We are partnering with the dental profession, dental educators, governing dental bodies, manufacturers and dental insurance providers to come together and take responsibility for managing and reversing this disease progression.

We believe that caries diagnosis, treatment plans, and products can and must be different in order to break the disease cycle. CAMBRA provides the evidence based framework, and the CariFree system is a progressive tool for creating positive change.

It can be done, it is being done, and together we are forging a new future. We invite you to join us and be a part of the wellness mission; we want you on our team.

If you are a dentist
don’t let your caries management program be ‘just good enough’ – make it the best!

  • I recommend this product to patients all the time and they love it. It helps with dry mouth and bad breath. I also love the fact that after patients have been using the product, I see great results with caries reduction.

    Nina, RDH
  • CariFree gives us the confidence to tell our patients that we offer the state-of-the-art in cavity prevention. The simplicity of the CariFree system gives our hygienists and team members the confidence they need to recommend it every time. We all know that CAMBRA works, but until CariFree there was not a simple, effective, and reproducible way to incorporate it into our practice. With our 3 practices seeing nearly 1000 new patients per month, our office needed a prevention protocol that was simple, effective, and attractive to our patients. CariFree provided just that. 

    Dr. Eric Roman
  • CariFree is definitely the most recommended brand in our dental office. All of the products are amazing and really work! Our patients are very pleased with the results they are getting from CariFree. Great product overall!

    Malory Harcourt, RDH, Dr. Christine Hansen
  • CariFree allows us to have an entirely new dialogue with my patients. Most of them understand the concept that if they don't treat the underlying disease they will be back in my chair for more fillings. CariFree allows us to discuss the caries process and treatment plan with confidence. The confidence comes from knowing that we have a proven solution that is relatively simple to implement, cost effective, and quantifiable. 
For those patients that have chosen to use the CariFree system the results have been great, reduced caries risk, healthier mouth, fewer fillings, and some ownership in the solution. For those who have declined treatment the results have been the same as before. More fillings. 

    Dr. Mark Germack
  • I really like the new product line that incorporates all the things I have discussed with my patients in the past in regards to fluoride, xylitol, pH etc. but it was never so coordinated so easily for the patient to combine the benefits. 

  • Having used the CariFree, and now the CTx, system since its inception, I can attest that it is an incredible adjunct to a caries prevention program. With proper patient compliance, phenomenal results can be obtained, and I could not practice without it.

    Ron Kaminer, DDS
  • We have been doing reassessments and seeing awesome results so far. Patients have been telling us they love the product and can't live without it because it makes their mouth feel awesome and clean! 

    Kim, Assistant, Dr. Heggerick
  • Everything is going great, now that we have the hang of things and know who to recommend kits for etc. many more patients are accepting treatment!

    Megan, Clinical Coordinator
  • As an office we have been excited to be able to offer more of a solution than just “brush and floss” to our patients with cavities. As we are all using the products ourselves we are finding it easy to make the recommendation to our patients. When you believe in a product the patient can tell, and doesn’t feel like we are just trying to sell them something. I am also excited to watch a new generation of patients be “carie free” their whole lives. Love your products, love the research and thought behind each one and am really glad to be an office that can make a difference in the lives of our patients. Thank you. 

    Candace L.Krause, DMD
  • We have been using CariFree for 1 year now, and are having great results. We have recommended it to several patients who have recurrent decay. After getting and using CariFree, the patients come back without recurrent decay! Patients love the idea, that they are able to do something to prevent the decay, instead of getting fillings. We highly recommend you try CariFree. 

    Lisa Simonaro, RDA, Dental Comfort
  • With you new CRA form and guide it is so easy to educate our patients about CAMBRA and does not require a lot of extra time. I have been practicing for 30 year and have been frustrated with the results of brush, floss, fluoride model for caries control. It is great to give our patients an evidence based solution. We are seeing great results and our patients are excited too. Thank you, Dr. K and crew!!! 

    Dr. Frances Engler
  • One of my top priorities as a dentist is to help my patients win their battle against caries and the CariFree system is designed for just that! With CariFree we can objectively measure the caries risk and treat it appropriately. Caries prevention isn’t just about telling my patients to “brush better” anymore. I feel more like a doctor and less like a broken record! 

    Dr. Ryan Swain, Six Month Smiles
  • I love the CariFree system and use it to help every patient in my practice control dental caries. I feel so much more confident as a practitioner when I know I'm helping my patients not just treat the symptoms of the disease, but actually get to the root of the problem and knock it down. Using this system helps me to create so much more value for my patients and I know they appreciate having me look out for their total health.

    Adam Kirkpatrick, DDS
  • I love how simple the CariFree system has been for our practice. We are able to confidently assess caries risk in a matter of seconds and have accurate information to help treatment plan their case. It has also been a great marketing tool demonstrating how advanced we are with our technologies and techniques. 

    Dr. Carson Kutsch
  • The CariScreen Caries Susceptibility Testing Meter has been a very effective tool in our practice. "Seeing is Believing" Being able to show our patients the reading we get has helped them to understand the relationship between the bacteria levels and caries. We love the entire program and would highly recommend it. 

    Kathy, Cumberland Valley Dental Care
  • As a clinician with over thirty years in dentistry, we are fortunate to occasionally see a new product or concept that completely changes our thinking about how we treat our patients. CariFree is one of those rare products. I can highly recommend CariFree. You will find the staff at CariFree to be highly knowledgeable and excellent at training your team. Most importantly, you will enjoy the feeling that you really can change a patient’s caries prognosis with these products. 

    Dr. William Moorhead
  • Our patients appreciate the science background and the CariScreen test. Seeing their number really helps them to start thinking about what’s going on in their mouth.

    Judy, RDH
  • Our office has incorporated a risk assessment protocol in our examination routine for several years now and the CariScreen Meter is an integral part of this system. Having a quantitative data point, such as the CairScreen score, is a powerful tool toward assessing caries risk that both my staff and patients appreciate.

    Dr. Ryan Galligan
  • Our office likes to only stock one toothpaste to keep things simple. CTx 4 Gel 5000 makes sense to be the only choice, as it is the best combination of xylitol and fluoride, minus all the other questionable additives that other toothpastes have.

    Sara Jo, Horizon Dental Care
  • Our patients are very happy with the CTx4 Gel 5000! As a clinician, it's important to be able to recommend the best product on the market to our patients. This product has a low abrasive index, fluoride, xylitol and addresses the pH issue. Very happy with this product! 

    Sherree, RDH
  • We recommend the CTx4 Gel to all of our high caries risk patients as well as patients who complain of sensitivity. We have had excellent results using this product. Most patients using the CariFree gel purchase more on their own, before we even have a chance to ask how it is going for them! 

    Ashley, RDA, Dr. Wade Kifer
  • We love the CTx4 Gel 5000. It has helped minimize sensitivity and remineralize weaker areas of the teeth. It has also helped prevent cavities!

    Lisa Nichols, Nampa Smiles Sedation
    and Family Dentistry
  • I think that the CariFree rinses are the best acid reducing rinses that I have seen. I like that the CTx4 Treatment Rinse has the additional benefits of fluoride and xylitol that you can't get in most over the counter products. Thanks for producing these products. 

    Dr. Quinn Schiffman

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If you are a patient
still experiencing cavities, it's time to try something different!

  • I have been suffering from frequent cavities over the last few years and this is the only relief I have found. Since starting the program I have had no new cavities, and my dentist says he has seen an improvement in areas of the teeth which were 'watch areas' with thin enamel before starting the program. Keep the products coming! 

    Andy, CariFree Patient
  • I love how this makes my mouth feel. I have heard all the good reviews of these products and look forward to seeing how my next checkup goes. I have a lot of old decay that I am trying to hold off as well as any developing. It's about time someone came up with something that can actually help stop decay, we are in the 21st century for crying out loud! 

    Jamie, CariFree Patient
  • Five years ago I had to start taking a number of heart medications. They all caused dental caries and I soon ended up with over $11,000 of dental work. My dentist started me out on with a CariFree CTx26 Kit. I soon graduated to the maintenance rinse, gel, and gum. I use the rinse every night at bedtime. I use the gel after meals and I use the gum when I don’t have a chance to brush after a meal. Since then I have had no extra dental work other than quarterly cleanings. For me the CariFree products have been a real godsend. 

    Farrar, CariFree Patient
  • I just wanted to write and thank you for your incredible products, my 16 year old son has had decay problems for years. I had every dental product you can find at the store or that I could find online under our bathroom sink. Nine months ago our dentist prescribed some CariFree treatment products and on Monday my son had his first decay free appointment in 10 years. We still have some work to do and he is going to have some implants when he is a little older. But I am not worried about all his teeth decaying to the point of being pulled out anymore. I cry every time I think about his teeth and all we have been through. Thank you so so much! 

    Debbie, CariFree Patient
  • I had constant decay issues until my dentist started me on the CariFree products. I have older damage that still needs to be dealt with, but I have been free of new cavities for a few years now. They are well worth it.

    Jenn, CariFree Patient
  • After getting 6 cavities during my pregnancy, my dentist started me on this program, and I haven't had even one cavity in the 5 years since. The citrus flavor is great--kind of like a creamsicle. 

    Katie, CariFree Patient
  • Our dentist recommended this when our son got his first cavity. He began using it right away and I am happy to say that there have been no more cavities in the last year! He also tended to have smelly breath and this has really helped! 

    Anonymous, CariFree Patient
  • I have been using the mint flavored rinse for about 3 years and have not had any new cavities. Before I started using CariFree my Dentist bills were huge. My Dentist is amazed.

    Stephen, CariFree Patient
  • I have been getting glowing reviews from my dentist at my check-ups as my decay has decreased by at least 80% since I began using CariFree CT3 Rinse. I have also started my grandsons on this and they love it.

    Valerie, CariFree Patient
  • This rinse works great for both of my children. My son had many cavity issues, and now those are a thing of a past thanks to the rinse and the gel (both grape flavor). As others have mentioned, the products are worth the cost when you consider the savings from two root canals, and 3 more fillings -- all before the age of 6!!!

    Heather, CariFree Patient
  • I'm a terrible candidate for decay but have had great checkups since using CariFree. I use the rinse, gel, and mouth spray. Would eat CariFree food, wear CariFree clothes, drive CariFree cars. You name it. Great products!

    Jerry, CariFree Patient
  • I'm so glad my dentist recommended this product. Not only does it taste good, but its more beneficial for my mouth than the products you get over the counter at your store. 

    Kornelia, CariFree Patient
  • My dentist recommended this rinse to me to help prevent cavities. I have been using it for over a year and have had no cavities! Great product! 

    Rebecca, CariFree Patient
  • With the addition of a few years to the calendar, along with accompanying medications, I began to show signs of "dry mouth" deterioration of my teeth. Because of this, I began the CariFree program as prescribed by my dentist. In the time I have been using the rinse and gel, the situation within my mouth has improved, and I have been very satisfied with the product and ensuing results. 

    Stan, CariFree Patient
  • I have spent $$$ at the dentist all my life. Two years ago my dentist recommended CariFree. I have been faithfully using the rinse/gel, and have had NO new cavities since using CariFree. My dentist is pleased, and I am thrilled! Plus, I actually like the rinse/gel, and it leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. 

    Mary, CariFree Patient
  • I have been using CariFree rinse for about 3 years. My Dentist is amazed at the results. I cannot remember the last time I went in for a cleaning and my dentist found cavities. Before I started using CariFree cavities were found at almost every cleaning.

    Stephen, CariFree Patient
  • My 3 children ages 6, 3 & 1 enjoy brushing and no cavities since we began using CariFree over a year ago!

    Nicole, CariFree Patient
  • My dental office did a bacteria count test, and the results showed that my mouth contained a slightly high level of bacteria. My dentist suggested that I try the CariFree Maintenance Rinse (CTx3 Rinse) and gel toothpaste. A retest a few months later showed about a 50% drop in the bacteria count. I was impressed with the result and am continuing to use both these products. 

    Randall, CariFree Patient
  • I have used the rinse for two years and have seen vast improvement in bacteria control. I use it twice a day and supplement with the toothpaste. Wonderful product! 

    Heidi, CariFree Patient
  • I've been using the toothpaste and the rinse for more than 5 years. Aside from having to repair old damage, I have had no new cavities or damage since I've been using the CariFree products. Thanks!.

    Penelope, CariFree Patient
  • The CTx3 Rinse is my favorite CariFree product. I use it every day since I don't get cavities anymore thanks to you guys and never want to have to go through that again. My two girls love the grape.

    Jennifer, CariFree Patient
  • I have used the mint flavored rinse for a year now and have not had a new cavity since. It is a little expensive, but like I read somewhere, it is cheaper than paying for fillings. 

    Chris, CariFree Patient
  • As I got older and needed to take more medication my mouth became drier and I was getting a lot of cavities. Since starting to use the gel and rinse a few years ago I have not had any cavities and my mouth feels much better.

    Norman, CariFree Patient
  • Started using CTx3 Gel after our dentist noticed significant recent cavities and increased mouth bacteria that she was sure was a result of the bacteria. WOW! Major improvement with CTx3 Gel. No more problems since. We will 
not stop using CTx3. Thnx for creating it.

    Ed, CariFree Patient
  • I love the smooth feel of the gel as opposed to traditional toothpaste. In combination with the rinse, my mouth feels super super clean. I began using the gel and rinse on my dentist's recommendation and have been cavity-free so far! I will absolutely continue using these products.

    KGM, CariFree Patient
  • My family loves this toothpaste! Our dentist recommended it for my husband to use, but they whole family has been using it. I'll never buy another toothpaste. We haven't had a cavity since we started using this product. It's pricey, but so worth is since we've saved so much at the dentist!

    Britt, CariFree Patient
  • My friend who worked at pediatric dentist introduced me this product and my kids love it!! They really love the taste of grape so I use the spray as the treat for brushing teeth. It has been worked really well so far because they have not have cavities since we got this product!!

    Savaka, CariFree Patient
  • I use the spray on my 5 year old. We use it every night after our bedtime brushing and in the morning before school. She loves it and is always quick to remind me if I forget. I've used the CariFree products on my daughter for about 3 years now and so far NO CAVITIES!! 

    Heather, CariFree Patient
  • My mom has Sjögren's syndrome and this product is the only thing that we have found that works for her. She was using biotene but it never worked and her teeth were just disappearing before our eyes. Her dentist has her using this and a CariFree rinse and gel program and her decay problems have almost stopped and she uses the spray all day. Thank you to whoever invented this. It makes me cry when I think about how long we looked for something that helped. She said she would like to hug whoever makes this. :) 

    JM, CariFree Patient

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